10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Site Through Link Building

10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Site Through Link Building

web-site-designIn today’s world you need to face a cut throat competition in order to survive in any life field. And in case of business, promotions act as the ultimate weapon that hikes up success rate. Now days, online mode of communication is most popularly used forum for promotion. Though there are several ways of promoting sites online, link building is considered to be the most effective one. Eric Ward and Garrett French link building experts who have given several invaluable suggestions regarding the development of effective links in their book Ultimate Guide to Link Building. The book also explains pathways to raise popularity and authority of a particular site. In this piece of writing the authors, summarize ten effective ways of promoting a site though link building.

The World Wide Web is composed of incalculable number of links. Therefore, employing striking attributes to popularise the site and the consisting links in it becomes highly significant. How much linkable your site is and how others link themselves to it, is what determines you position in the search engine. It is also a measure of your site’s traffic.

If you are completely messed as from where to usher the link building procedure, try opting for the 10 easiest listed ways:

  1. Creation of Blog

Content creation on an unswerving basis results to the creation of internal links by the method of linking out from posts. Content happens to be a great treasure when it comes to attracting links. A blog forms the platform of a number of listed strategies. Survival in the highly competitive market stature is impossible without creation of blog.

  1. Method of Internal linking

Making maximum use of the stuffs available in the site like posts and pages is always advisable. Internal linking plays a major role in the entire process of link building. Because using this very aspect one can hold control of everything present in the site, starting form page location to anchor text.

Warning: Usage of exact-match anchor text while navigating through the site can lead to a spam filter in Google.

  1. Resources or link pages

The already existing resource, pages, links, etc. are themselves justifiable chances that can be utilised for link creation in case the available links are anyhow related to your site. However, the venture of searching for links isn’t easy at all. The given suggestions can be of help for finding webmasters form where links can be acquired.

  1. Opt consulting or asking known people for link

Be it friends, colleagues, family members, business partners, clients or a mere acquaintance of yours; ask anyone and everyone for a link without hesitation. Don’t lay behind in acquiring benefit from the website of your known.

  1. Make the pathway of linking to you easy

If you want to popularise your site, make link building procedure easy and simple. Go for the HTML attractive and readymade snippets which can be directly plugged into the content to be linked.  Don’t forget to generate the ‘link to us’ page at the end of the article or post. You can also make use of a little JavaScript to undertake the same task.

Disclaimer: The benefit of the above mentioned procedure varies for domain to domain. It is more beneficial in the arena where link building is not so popular.

  1. Keep a track of all your competitions

Researching on the present competitors is highly important in the procedure of link building. Keep a constant watch on the steps undertaken by them. SEOmoz’s Open site explorer can be of great help for undertaking the task. All that needs to be done in it is plugging in your opponent and their back links can thereafter be exported to a CSV file.

  1. Linking out

As the process is huge, it is recommended not to be a link magpie.

  1. Focus on developing bonds as well

Building stronger bonds is directly proportional to creating greater bonds. Greater acquaintance and cordial bonds can fetch you more of links as well as promotion.

  1. Niche-specific directories

These directories give acceptance to only selected range of sites. These directories have a well-framed set of criteria to be met.

10. Paid directories

These directories demand for money even before including the link in their listings. Choice has however to be done wisely.

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