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10 Things Every Salesperson Needs To Know About Marketing

10 Things Every Salesperson Needs To Know About Marketing
10 Things Every Salesperson Needs to Know About Marketing

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The point of sales within the market is – wait for it – actually selling the product. Of course, how can you actually get someone excited enough actually to want to buy what you have to offer? Well, that can be summed up in just one word – Marketing. Marketing is one of those careers that acts as a source of annoyance to people around the world. Whether it’s the telemarketers that call up at odd times and offer to sell you some crazy new invention Or those TV advertisements that just make you want to have everything in the world, even though you know you can’t.So in order to become a successful salesperson, you would need to be good at marketing, and in order for that, there are ten things that every salesperson needs to know

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  1. You should create a plan as to how your sales tactics might work as if you just jump directly into the first plan that you find, it will most probably, not work. A different plan is designed for different products – it’s not like you’d plan to sell razors how you’d sell candy now, would you?
  1. You should have enough knowledge about the product so that people would be interested in buying your product. I mean, there are people who go to a supermarket and say “I would like that blender because it’s green.” Most people don’t have the faintest of idea about half the products that they buy, and a good salesperson would most probably know enough about the products that they sell.
  1. Have you ever felt as though you desperately needed that Ice-cream maker that you saw on television and after that, you were like “Well I do love ice-cream and let’s face it. If I have an ice-cream maker, I’ll probably make ice-cream”? Well then, you’ve done exactly what the salesperson had been vying for – you bought the product with your emotions, and you tried to back it up by convincing yourself with logic. That’s how the human mind works, and as a salesperson – if you can convince someone to buy with their emotion, then you’ve pretty much won salesperson of the year award
  1. Learn from other great marketing stories, because there are so many out there. Think about it. When you think about great marketing, what do you think of? Great companies’ right? Like Apple. Lord knows their products are drastically overpriced and maybe, to an extent a little bit overrated, but nonetheless, they know how to appeal to audiences. Maybe once in a while, you should just “Think ”
  2. Focus on the data that your company receives, after all, big data would mean that your company has many aspects to look into. You might want to analyze all the data and focus on the points that make sense. After all, only the data can show you how good of a marketer you’ve been.
  1. Believe it or not, there is a science behind the art of persuasion – marketing. In a book by Robert Cialdini, he identifies changes that one could make through persuasion, and so much of it is related to marketing. So, marketing might just be the new science.
  1. Word-of-mouth marketing can be your new friend, as Jonah Berger explained in his amazing book ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’ that people love to share stuff online and offline, and as of now, social media marketing is what’s happening people!! Think about it, those annoying ads that keep coming up when you’re trying to research, stay up at the back of your mind. Then more often than not, you’ll realize that you remember those ads for anything important, and you’ll keep going back to that.
  1. Marketing will help people like you as they feel the need to know you and trust you before buying However, as a marketer, you should have to be nice and honest with them. Because if I go home now and find out that this air fryer you suggested has to use 20% oil instead of 2%, somebody will die tonight.
  2. Allows you to make amazing contacts and quite frankly, makes your job effortless. Think about it. Say you’re at a party, and you have nothing to talk about, you might try talking about this. It at least allows you to start a conversation instead of awkward silences (and be honest; no one likes silence to be awkward). This would allow you to give someone the incentive to get that product, as well as a new friend for you.

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  1. Your marketer friend on the 5th floor does love you because when marketers work for salespeople, naturally they will give it their best. They don’t want the sales to deteriorate, and they most probably want that pay raise they’ve been waiting for. Honestly, they need the salespeople just as much as the salespeople need them. Honestly, these two go hand in hand and the end of the day, both are equally important.
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