10 Things About The Google’s New Android Design That Will Have iPhone Owners Drooling With Jealousy

10 Things About The Google’s New Android Design That Will Have iPhone Owners Drooling With Jealousy


Android is going to be a lot different than what it was in the previous versions, as Google has made some changes in the user interface which find a place in the next software update of Android, named Android L and is set to be launched from a few months from now. Google has made these changes as part of its Material Design renovation.

Material Design is a smooth, clear and colourful user interface that would make Android users experience the aura of this new renovation on any Android platform, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

Google revealed that it took inspiration from the ink and paper to design the shadow look in this upcoming edition of Android.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting features this upcoming edition of Android, which is named Android L, has. Here it goes-

1) A larger chunk of Material Design has been in the way the colours are displayed on the screen. The upcoming version uses bright, contrasting colours to highlight a particular area of the screen and leaves the remaining portion in a lighter colour. This enhancement is to make the viewer’s eye move to the most important information field on the screen. Further, it makes the important information, which is highlighted by using bright colours, look bigger; thereby drawing the viewer’s attention.

2) The icons in the Android L are created on the lines of geometrical shapes and this makes them look symmetrical when the user clicks on the icon and it pops up.

3) The Material Design works in the same way like a paper does, and so in the upcoming edition, the icons rise towards the user instead of sinking downwards, when clicked.

4) The popping up of icons, when clicked, will definitely boost up the viewing experience and would be a major enhancement in the Android arena.

5) The in-built apps when touched, would show a small animation. This would be an interesting feature to look out for, in Android L.

6) The screen transitions in the upcoming Android L will be so smooth that Google finds its equivalent to passing a paper over the table. This will obviously make using Android fast and easy. It is a keen feature to watch out for.

7) The contrasting colours and animations are created in such a way that the user’s attention is automatically drawn towards the more important features that require his/her attention. For instance, while using the music player, the playback buttons would be highlighted by using bright and contrasting colours. Another example of this feature is that when you are saving a task, the title and the subject fields will be highlighted, which are meant to draw your attention.

8) Irrespective of which device you are using- a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, you would come across the same features in all the devices. Be it the contrast colour feature to draw your attention or various other features such as the small animation offered by the inbuilt apps, all these would be available for all the devices, along with the other features Android L has on offer.

9) Google is making it feasible for the developers so that they are able to come up with brighter and contrasting colours in their apps. This would be a big feat and would enhance the visibility of the apps. Be ready for brighter, colourful and attractive Android L at your disposal.

10) The Nested Scrolling feature in the upcoming Android, named Android L will allow the recent calls that you have made dull while you are browsing through your contacts. This is quite an effective feature and would make the Android user experience better.

With all these fascinating features in the upcoming Android L, it will surely make your user experience better and colourful with the use of contrasting and bright colours. It would also make Android platforms a lot quicker with some of the features focusing on this aspect as well. Google’s renovation in the upcoming version of Android, named Android L, would be keenly watched out for!

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