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10 Things To Learn From The Global Leader Narendra Modi

10 Things To Learn From The Global Leader Narendra Modi

10 Things To Learn From The Global Leader Narendra Modi!

We all have heard of Narendra Damodardas Modi who leaves a mark anywhere where he goes, who spell bounds people with his magic. People in India celebrated their victory as he won the Lok Sabha elections, which was enough to prove the faith that they have put in this inspiring magnetic leader.

You do sometimes wonder about what magic he does to attract everyone. Here are the ten things that you can also learn from him:

  1. Public speaking skills: How does he make every head turn with his voice. His voice speaks million words. It is interesting to note that people who don’t happen to like him confessed that they never miss a speech by the Prime Minister. We can’t even say that all because of someone who writes for him as we have seen him speaking on the Independence Day, without any written speeches, which is sure to be one of the most remembered speeches from an Indian PM.
  2. Discipline: Mr. Modi has always led a disciplined life ever since he was made abalswayamsevak in RSS. RSS is known to instil discipline in all its members, where the 15th Prime Minister of India has followed a disciplined regime.
  3. Determination: Modi has paved way to what he is today. Ever since he was a child, he used to help his father and brother in their tea stalls. He was always determined to make it big for himself. Since an early age, he has been associated with RSS and that shows the determination that eight-year old possessed and now this 64 year-old possesses.
  4. Detailing: A planner should learn from a meticulous planner Mr. Modi who has a love for detailing. We have seen him doing 400 rallies and travelling more than 3.5 lakh kms, even the places where nobody covers. Visiting neighbouring countries as the first priority and then others, we see he prioritised his visits, weighing pros and cons, to make the visits impactful and effective. Micro detailing helps a lot in efficient planning which leads to better results.
  5. Love for Technology: He is techno-savvy, likes to keep himself up to date with all developments in the field and tweets and posts important details of his life and journey within minutes of it happening. During Japan visit also, we were updated about his itinerary and what he is upto. His digital India mission is known to us.
  6. Love for fitness: He is a big yoga enthusiast and never skips doing it. Perhaps this is the reason how he manages to be this active as he is always working on toes. We see him visiting US, meeting delegates and people during ‘Navratras’ fasting days.
  7. Enthusiasm: The enthusiasm with which he leads is commendable, even at this age. Be it playing drums on his recent visit to Japan or answering questions of various Indian students on Teacher’s Day.
  8. Patience: In politics, opposition always tries to play blame games. The running govt has to face criticisms. We have seen this. But it’s a hard sight to see the man angry, or over powered by emotions, or losing patience.
  9. Leadership skills: In a public speech, if you remember, he had promised to work one hour more than his subordinates. An efficient leader has the guts to say that in public. He leads his people; he takes his people along in every mission, like Swachh Bharat mission. Learning this skill from him can be beneficial for our professional lives.
  10. Humbleness: He is the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, but his position has not gone to his head. This man comes across as a very humble human being which is evident by the way he addresses the nation and answers all questions he is put across. Being humble will take to places!
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