10 Things To Thank Steve Jobs For

10 Things To Thank Steve Jobs For

10 Things to Thank Steve Jobs For

The journey started with the 1975 edition of Popular Tech when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak got hold of it wherein for the first time in the history of computers something sort of a personal computer was mentioned. The journey that started from a garage in Silicon Valley ended up being one of the most valuable technological companies on the planet. The person who made all this possible has had a history of failure and success. Being adopted at a very young age by a good household proved that this person was indeed lucky and combined with the right amount of hard work he could revolutionize the world.

He started out with Apple and moved on to greater things like Pixar and NEXT Electronics. From the Macintosh to the iPad, the legacy of Steve Jobs is seen in every Apple product, be it perfection in design or the performance. He was a man who was eccentric enough to believe that a single company could wholly integrate the software as well as the hardware into a single division which was supposedly impossible, but Jobs pulled it off.  The person with the 1$ salary package proved it that a brilliant idea can indeed make a better world.

The journey which started in the year 1955 came to a premature end in 2011 at the age of 56 due to pancreatic cancer. But death could not alter the ideas and Apple continues its journey in its purpose of finding perfection. The legacy of Jobs moves beyond his living years, and will be remembered till technology continues to control the lives of man and Apple continues its enthralling journey of creating beautiful technology. The reasons to remember Jobs are innumerable, and thousands to thank the genius for, but the particular few which comes to the mind instantly are listed below-

  • The iPod and iTunes. In the year 2001, Jobs introduced the world to iPod, a music playing gadget which slowly turned into a sensation amongst the public and spread like wildfire. Digital music players were at large in the market, but none had the iconic touch that Jobs provided in iPod. Along with IPod came in the iTunes, the platform to buy, sell and share music. The olds norms in the music industry was brought down in a jiffy and replaced by the mighty iTunes which provided the musicians and artists to be independent without having to run after music labels for records deals and could reach their audience directly through iTunes.
  • Not doing it for money. Steve Jobs was well known for his wealth, but he was once quoted saying that he never did it for the money. Jobs earned a paltry $1 for his work at Apple. Even after rejoining the company in 1997 after being unceremoniously dumped in the year 1985, he continued with his $1 salary. Till he retired from Apple, he continued earning a meager $1 as annual paycheck.
  • Focus on the design. Apart from his first design, Jobs paid the maximum interest in developing a sleek design for his products. His technological ideas combined with his sleek designs transformed the way the world started looking at products. Technology was aided by design in its venture of changing lives.
  • Inspiring others. In an effort to fulfill his dreams, Job inspired billions with his life. Not only his life, but his products have provided a helping hand to a number of other products. Be it the iPod battery-life extender Mophie to Apple-accessories supplier Speck to app development firm Sweb Apps, Jobs work at Apple have proved critical for the success of other business.
  • The iPad. The last revolutionary product under Jobs at Apple proved to be the most successful of the whole lot. With more than 90000 applications developed for the iPad in its initial year and millions counting with the passing time, the iPad proved to be the best of Jobs invention. It started the trend of production of tablets by the other companies, but the hold of iPad stays strong and unchallenged till date.
  • Wowing investors. When Jobs rejoined Apple the stock prices were at a record low and he slowly rebuilt the company to attain new heights. By the time Jobs retired, the stock prices had reached an all-time high of $372 dollars.
  • Being a visionary. The biggest strength that Jobs could have boosted of was his vision. Once he had them, it engulfed him like a madman is engulfed by his crazy ideas. Being famous as a stubborn micromanager, Jobs has undoubtedly guided Apple towards excellence while attaining new heights. The instincts he had of peoples need turned into pinpoint accuracy and the customers gladly accepted the products launched by Apple.
  • Promoting innovation amongst the rest. Apple in its move towards excellence left the other companies behind, which left the others into thinking for survival of their products in a battle with the highly trendsetting products developed by Apple. Giants like Cingular and AT&T had to comply with the growing changes in battle to save their face and ensure their survival.
  • For showcasing extreme vigor and proving to the world that reversal is possible. Reversal of fortune is an element commonly found in the plays of Shakespeare. It held true in his plays, and so does it in the context of the life of Steve Jobs. Once reinstated into Apple, he changed the directions of the moving wheel and changed the faith of a dying company. Apple was back from the brink of extinction and by the nest year it had a turnaround of $5.9 billion. Jobs displayed his value which was indispensable in Apples journey towards success.
  • Boosting employment. With the company in ruins, Jobs made a fairytale comeback into the schemes of Apple in 1997. What unfolded next was believed true only in the fairytales. Jobs took hold of a falling company and turned it to the giants that stand tall today. In 1997 there were only 8,437 regular employees of Apple and 1,739 temporary employees. But by the time Jobs had left Apple the number of permanent employees had turned into a magisterial 46,600 and 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and contractors.

With Steve Jobs gone, Apple continues its journey towards success with the magic mantra perceived by the genius with the round glasses. Jobs might be long gone; but there would always be an air of him in the Apple products which is a hangover of the legacy left behind by the genius, who displayed to the world that staying foolish was the paramount way to success.

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