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10 Words You Are Probably Mispronouncing In Meetings

10 Words You Are Probably Mispronouncing In Meetings

Words you’re probably mispronouncing in Meetings

Communication is a means of expressing or transferring one’s idea to others. Communication mainly involves the following skills, namely the speaking skill, reading skill, listening skill and the writing skill. These four skills need to be at top level so as to ensure effective communication. Out of these, speaking is very essential because only through this we will be able to express one’s view in a manner understandable to another.

Some of the commonly mispronounced words in meetings are listed below:


Espressos are nothing but coffee but with a higher concentration of coffee solvents along with a thick foamy layer of cream on top of it. Expressos give a sought of relaxation to mind, so getting an espresso before will make you calm and prepared before the meeting. But in a hurry to get an “espresso”, it gets pronounced as “expresso”.


Caches, mostly in computers, they help in the storage of items or data, which can be easily accessible for future requests. Sometimes “cache” gets mispronounced as “cashy”. It is a common blunder which occurs in office because both the words though different, sound the same.


The word “Hyperbole” creates a strong impact on the sentence. These are overstatements which can be found in poetry, stories and other written facts. They cannot be taken as idioms or metaphors but can be seen as virtual ones. To overcome this, you can slow down your rhythm and pronounce the words slowly.


The word “liable” originated from the Latin word “ligare”. It signifies the possibility of something likely to happen or to do something. But sometimes mistakes occur. So there is a probability of “liable” getting mispronounced as “liebull”, thus making the attention gained by the individual in the meetings turn in a huge racket.


Niche originated from an old latin word “nidus”, got evolved into nicher and then into the word “Niche”. Niche denotes a suitable position in life or employment or in the market. But it would be a little embarrassing when our tongues twist pronouncing “niche” as” “nitch”.


It will be a great blunder if you never concentrate on pronouncing words like “peremptory” correctly. You will mess up with the word and end up pronouncing it as “pre emptory”.


Silicon is an atomic element in the periodic table but silicones otherwise known as siloxanes are inert, chemical compound materials, but there are a lot of chances of pronouncing this word wrong because there is a close accuracy between the two words.


Tack is a part of the sail. They help in maneuvering of the sail. This is a normal blunder, because tack has a possibility of getting pronounced as “tact”. Tact refers to the use of sensitivity in dealing with particular issues. Pronouncing it wrong becomes a mistake because it would get you a bad impression.


Tenet refers to the principles or beliefs regarding a particular religion or deityBut it has been mispronounced frequently because it gets confused with the word “Tenant” which refers to the neighbors living near the houses.


It is nowadays a common mistake to pronounce “irreverent” as “uhreverend”. Irreverent refers to disrespecting people. It can also be referred to not taking things seriously. But due to some common mistakes, it gets replaced by uh and ent is replaced by nd at end. So the whole word gets replaced as Uhreverend.

These are just common mistakes to mispronounce these words because they sound the same. However, care has to be taken to pronounce these confusing words slowly. This can be done only by practice so that it doesn’t cause confusion to the listener. Not only that, let it not bring a bad impression on your image, which you have created in your office environment from so long.

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