13 Things Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 4 Can Do, That The iPhone Can’t

13 Things Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 4 Can Do, That The iPhone Can’t

Samsung's New Galaxy Note 4 Apple is one of the top smartphone companies with its high tech advantage and brand value. But Samsung Galaxy has been successful in surpassing the iPhone in certain areas. In the competitive world, Samsung Galaxy is able to put up the show and bring a meritorious product in front of the customers. Even though the Apple iPhone is top branded and has a lead over the other smart phones, Samsung Galaxy has given out a stiff fight in the quality and technology of the smartphone department. The smart phone section is always about instantaneous updates and modifications of applications. Their software is designed in a way to enable the usage to be much more comfortable and user-friendly.

13 Things Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 4 Can Do That The iPhone Can’t:

  • The first peculiarity of the Galaxy Note 4 is the heart rate monitor. The iPhone lacks the presence of such an application. The monitor measures the heart rate when the finger is kept at the back of the phone. This establishes a strong medical help for the patients as well as customers.
  • In case of removing the back cover, galaxy is much easier than iPhone. This helps in the easier installation of the battery.
  • Provision for a microSD card is an added advantage in galaxy, in the case of storing large data. The extra slot will always come handy.
  • The Samsung Galaxy is built with an infrared blaster. This helps to convert the mobile as a remote control for devices like television. iPhone lacks this specification.
  • Apart from iPhone, in Note 4, two apps can be run at the same time. This helps in managing and combining essential applications at the same time.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 acts like a mini personal computer. Applications can be run, and they can be minimized in the home screen.
  • Samsung GalaxyNote 4 offers stylus. This help the customers to draw or even write down notes on the screen. In Apple iPhone, where we have to use a finger to select text, stylus helps the customer to select the text much more easily.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers adaptive fast charging device. Unlike other smart phones like iPhones, this helps in faster. The device can also be charged using USB connection, but it is not as fast as the charging device.
  • The biggest problem every smart phone possesses is its charging period and battery storage. Due to the data usage and applications, the charge loss is more compared to ordinary phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 brings up an app named ultra power saving mode. This helps you to channel the battery storage which helps in prolonging the charge in the phone. The app restricts in certain things like phone calls, certain apps and helps in reducing the unwanted loss of charge.
  • While using the phone with one hand, the shortcuts and home screen keys are quite handy for the users. To the right side of the screen is a dock with home buttons and back buttons. These can be slided on the screen that makes the phone much easier to handle.
  • This phone offers the user a shrinking facility. The screen can be shrunk so that it enables a better one hand utility.
  • Another peculiarity is shrinking the keyboard enabled for one hand typing. The switches can be adjusted to such an extent that the keyboard is accessible for each and every customer for typing in one hand.

It is very difficult to get a smart phone possessing the quality and features like that of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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