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14 Ways – Your Prior Experience In Sales Helps Your Start-Up

14 Ways – Your Prior Experience In Sales Helps Your Start-Up
14 ways - prior sales experience helps your start up

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A great kick start to your start-up would be your hands-on experience in terms of expertise and your existing relationships in the business. Having experience in the role of Sales is often considered a big plus for those who want to have their own start-ups. A surprising number of entrepreneurs do agree that the secret behind their successful business is the fact that they started off in sales. Here`s why you could be one of them if sales is where you are planning to start.

  1. You will gain business expertise

Working with customers is the tricky part of any business. Once you have had it, you will gain familiarity with the crucial business challenges, and you will also learn to measure success. This is very much essential as you will find various unavoidable areas in startups can easily add value thus making money. Your customers both potential and existing train you how to deal with them.

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  1. Stay updated on technical developments and gaining expertise

Learning about products and their details come automatically as you will have to answer and interact with customers. You will thus get to know your industry way better. This is essential in ay startup as you will be able to find if your product can make it to the larger scheme. If you are in sales of technical products of the finance or IT domain then this becomes even more pronounced.

  1. Learn how to simplify

Today the amount of information potential customers made to know is way more than what they have to. Once you have experienced them, you know what to avoid unless insisted on. This is very important when it comes to selling your ideas to investors who will need only the necessary information from the entire idea.

  1. You get in touch with the bigwigs and build contacts

As an advisor or as a part of the company you will be invited to various occasions and opportunities to meet up the big level executives from companies. This will help you get a hole of their way of thinking and how they make use of power.

  1. You will be able to get valuable relationships

Offering solutions, discussions, informing them about the industry, educating them about the product and much more will get you one step close to your customers. This is very much useful as such relations provide valuable advice and assistance during times of need.

  1. You will learn self motivation

Sales mean you are competing with yourself almost on a daily basis and increasing your ability and learning more every day. This will help you as a boss in a start up as you will know that you don’t have a boss to motivate you and its all you now. You will find the enthusiasm that you need.

  1. You will learn how to be autonomous

Sales people usual have a control of their time along with success in management guidance that is all self assessment. This will be useful in a start up as you will not have any infrastructure in a startup, and your decisions will make the change.

  1. You can make lot of money in the form of bonuses and incentives

The compensations offered for sales people in some companies exceed even that of top level executives. If you are the smart kind, then you will find your money as an investment for your startup.

  1. You will learn the art of creativity

Technical and business expertise needs various applications to handle sales. Looking at your problems and approaching them with creative solutions is also necessary. This will burn your creativity high to fuel you start up well as well as leading you to success.

  1. You will learn to present and improve your presentation skills

Selling not only involves convincing and selling but also finding a way of approaching your customers and tactics to bring your decision making customers to buy. In a start up this will help you find the right way to present your ideas and cultivate trust in your investors.

  1. You will learn how to close a deal post negotiation

Being in sales will teach you where to ask for a closing that is tricky and important in the division and eventually you have to learn the trick. This will help in the early stages of your start up where you will be doing a lot of selling. Your deal will never happen if you don’t know when and how to close.

  1. Learn to handle rejections and deal with them

Rejection is a major part of sales, and you learn how to handle it when in sales. In a start up you will need a thick skin as they will be various inevitable reasons why you cannot become a sudden success.

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  1. You will learn to be courageous and pragmatic

Successful sales people find the secret to shrug away fears and continue with sales successfully. This can be a great advantage in a start up as you will need a lot of courage to leave a safe and secure corporate job and start our own business for your dream.

  1. You will never be bored with anything in life

Working with different companies will always keep you in full charm, and you will never get the time to feel bored. Entrepreneurs must become lifelong learners and hence this will be a huge back support to those working on start ups.

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