15 Companies That Employees Want To Work For The Most

15 Companies That Employees Want To Work For The Most

Companies That Employees Want To Work For, The Most

Working in one of the top companies of the world is a dream come true for many. These companies hire the best talent that is available in the market. To attract this talent they have a strong culture, which exhibits a strong talent brand to the outside world, which makes people desire to work here.


The culture of the organization is just great.  It has been one of the most prominent employers today. Google offers a friendly environment to work in, employees find the senior management teams very approachable. It’s a place which thrives upon ideas which are built upon. The talents are nurtured by providing employees with endless opportunities. It’s a place where one can’t stop growing and offers endless activities that can never make work boring. It works from California having 77000 creative and talented employees.


The organization was built upon innovation. Since its inception, Steve jobs had made apple one of the most technologically innovative companies to work at, to design not the products but the life that people live in those products. The way apple has grown with leaps and bounds has surprized everyone. It has set a benchmark for others to achieve. It has proven that innovation and creativity can go hand in hand and together give a new lenses to view conventional things. It has 70000 creative people and is located in California.


Diversity, performance and flexibility drive the growth of Uniliver across USA. The billion dollars MNC has developed an output driven organization culture that breeds performance and ambitions. The organization is highly diverse where one can learn from work as well as from peers. There is just no end to learning there. It has 50000 employees and works from London.


The FMCG Giant is a great place to start, it’s a place where people learn the most. The culture is friendly and there are immense growth opportunities for everyone. It’s an organization which has been growing each year. It is constantly evolving with the changing times offering range of challenges to overcome. It functions from Ohio, having 60000 people.


An organization which is present with us always because of its services or the products, it has definitely made our lives easier. Behind its success, there lies an immensely hardworking workforce that works hard each day to bring something new to the table making our lives easier. It has over 150,000 people in headquarters wash.


The website, on which we all live and spend most of our time, is Facebook. It is a website which has given a massive blow to the oldest of social networking websites. Facebook is associated with youth and fun. The organization culture breeds on youthfulness, enthusiasm, energy at the same time accommodating needs of billions across the world. The organization has a place for those who are talented and incredibly smart.  It has about 13000 people and works from California.


A place which is world’s largest bookstore, where oldest of the oldest book is available. Today, it has become a marketplace where everything from A to Z is available. Behind this successful organization is a force which works hard to get the best deals at reasonable prices. The organization offers several training programs to its employees, as learning never stops for anyone. With new challenges and new competitors emerging in the market, Amazon has triumphed with flying colours. It employees 70000 people and is based out in Wash.


The organization breeds team spirit in all. Being one of the most diverse organizations, its presence across the world has made it a coveted organization to work for. The products offered by the company add lot of flavour in our lives and to make this happen lot of hard work goes. The firm is also known for giving huge opportunities to people to grow.  It is located in New York with more than 60000 employees.


The various perks and job satisfaction has made shell a desirable place to work for. The company offers a road-map to success by aligning individual goals with organizations goals. Managers get new opportunities to improve themselves by facing newer challenges on the job. It is based out in Netherlands with 70000 employees.

Mikinsey & Co.

A paradise for people who are extremely sharp and love to analyse things to its core. The consultants are born here. Opportunities are never ending, as one gets to work on diverse projects to handle and meet prominent business leaders from the industry. It is very structured, there is a clear road map for people looking to grow in their career.  Its headquarters is in New York, having 19000 people.


Nestle, stands by its values and culture. It has consistently been ranked on the list of best companies to work for. Nestle has successfully built its reputation on good business practices, meeting customer expectations and product innovation. It breeds talent and gives opportunities to its employees to achieve various milestones in their lives. It has headquarters in Switzerland and has more than 50000 employees.

Johnson & Johnson

It is located in New Jersey and employees about 80000 talented people. The product which stands for care and love, similarly it believes in nurturing the talent of its staff. One of the most successful brands of all time has made J & J a desirable place to work. The employees are given various roles which helps them in contributing positively to the organization’s growth.


Based out in London, it currently employees 58000 people. It makes products without which our lives would be next to impossible. BP strives to create leaders within a manager. The varied opportunities across the world, the cross functional roles makes BP, a best place to work at.


Headquartered at Fairfield, Conn, it has more than 100,000 employees. One of the biggest conglomerates of all times, GE thrives on hard work and passion of its employees. Today, it is doing extremely well by entering into newer markets, giving new set of challenges to people.  From energy to finance, it is everywhere giving people a learning curve in their lives. People exhibit their leadership across various roles and functions.


Located in Beaverton, Ore it has more than 20000 employees. It is the organization that has been endorsed by players like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, David Beckam and several others. It is the brand which is associated with sports and leadership offers various opportunities to people in various departments. The company offers value for money on its products that are spread on clothes, accessories, shoes. It thrives due to innovation has changed the entire scenario of sports. The organization inspires people to create innovative products that would benefit the consumers at the end of the day.

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