27 Charts That Will Have You Shouting ‘America Is Number 1!’

27 Charts That Will Have You Shouting ‘America Is Number 1!’


Here are some of the facts about the America which would truly suggest that America tops the world!

Here it goes-

1) Over 62% Americans have a grill outside their houses.

2) There are craft brewers all places and the numbers are still going up!

3) America boasts of having the top-5 companies in terms of market capitalization, namely- Apple, Google, Exxon, Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway!

4) America also has two of its firms in the top 5 firms in terms of revenue they have generated, namely- Walmart (1st) and Exxon (4th).

5) It also has some of the world’s most valued brands such as Google, Apple, Microsoft to name a few.

6) The top ten list of ‘most visited websites’ is totally dominated by America, with all the positions occupied by American firms!

Google tops the list, followed the social networking site Facebook.

7) America recently overtook Saudi Arabia in terms of oil production!

8) Texas produces enough oil to make a place for itself in the list of the top ten oil producing nations if it were a nation!

9) America leads the world in terms of natural gas production with over 700 billion cubic metres of natural gas production in 2013!

10) America has been saving the environment as well, with its lesser dependence on environment polluting energy resources such as coal and petroleum.

11) With their oil production rising, they are less dependent on oil imports from OPEC!

12) They are now only below Venezuela and Saudi Arabia in terms of dependence on oil imports.

13) The number of graduates passing out each year has gone up in the last few years!

14) The gender pay gap has slowly bridged over the last few decades in America.

15) The fertility rate in America has been quite stable over the years, which ranks it above many countries.

16) The life expectancy of an American has grown considerably!

17) Pollution has seen a downward trend in America, which is contrary to what other nations have witnessed!

18) America is on top in terms of number of millionaire households in 2013!

19)In terms of worldwide foreign reserves, America still tops the list!

20) America has 120 halls of fame, which is more than in any other country.

21)Around half of the all time gold medalist in the Olympics hail from America!

22) Half of the top 6 tennis players who had an excellent winning record, is from America

23) If the World Bank Data is to be believed, US is the most creative country in the world!

24)America has given to the world, the best selling solo artists the world has ever seen!

25)America also tops the charts for creating the best selling albums of all times!

26) The most popular tracks have been from an American singer!

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