3 Irresistible Ways To Be The Best Boss

3 Irresistible Ways To Be The Best Boss
3 Irresistible Ways To Be The Best Boss

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For anyone to claim they have the best job in the world, a pre-requisite is that one must have the best boss in the world. Over the years, many theories have come up to suggest what qualities and methods make up the best boss one can be. The ones that stand out as the effective ones are those in which the bosses treat the employees with respect and encouragement. Yes, more than your talents and skills it is your degree of concern for your employees that makes you a good boss.

Genuinely caring about your employees is one of the most important business tactics one must apply. To be a good boss, you must come out of the comfort zone. Showing your concern for them and encouraging them is said to be more effective in getting productive work done by the employees. Statistically, 31% of the workers are dissatisfied with their jobs primarily because their bosses don’t value their worth.

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In those job environments where the bosses cared about their workers, the employees were happier and more motivated to do the task and in turn more productive than their under-appreciated and unhappy counterparts. Employee satisfaction is very important to keep the company going. Here are some of the ways you can become a good boss:

  • A little motivation goes a long way. A good boss always makes efforts to keep his/her employees motivated. Small things, like appreciating their input ideas and their submitted works or giving them new responsibilities can make them feel more important and an integral part of the organization. Also burdening employees with unnecessary rules and orders can take a heavy load on their productivity, so allow them some freedom in making decisions.
  • Often it happens that one runs out of ideas to develop something new and interesting. As a boss, one must welcome the ideas put forth by their employees to keep up the freshness going. Though most projects are group work, giving credit to individual contributions is very important. This boosts their confidence and loyalty to the job. Make them feel an important part of something big and important. Asking a question or two about their life outside of work gives an impression of treating them as complete individuals and not merely employees.
  • A flexible leadership style is the most underrated and the most effective method of making your employees respect you as a boss. This helps in winning their trust and support. Trusting your employees is more important than you think. One must also remember that failures at workplace come and go, and so employees must not be criticized harshly for making a mistake. Instead, the boss must help them see through their mistakes in a rational way so that these mistakes do not happen in the future. Celebrate the successes; they are a very good reason to have some fun at the workplace.

A good boss must make sure that the employees see the company goals as their goals as well. This can be done by providing such work-life balance options such as family benefits and additional perks, etc. This way it is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer as they both benefit from it. Motivate the employees to improve themselves. This helps in keeping their morale up and in high spirits. Keep reminding them that their potential can help pave the way for them to reach great heights within the company.

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Keeping the employees ambitious is very important. Always make sure that the new recruits feel welcomed into their new job. Being a boss does not mean you have you put up a grumpy face and walk around with an air of superiority; a true boss is one who motivates and encourages his employees, helps them bring out their ideas, genuinely cares about them and creates situations that are most favorable to everyone in the picture.

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