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3 Magic Phrases Every Interviewer Wants To Hear, Facing An Interview is Not That Difficult But You Need To Be Prepared, Hiring Managers Looks For Relevant Past Experience!

3 Magic Phrases Every Interviewer Wants To Hear, Facing An Interview is Not That Difficult But You Need To Be Prepared, Hiring Managers Looks For Relevant Past Experience!

3 Magic Phrases Every Interviewer Wants To Hear

The only hindrance that stands between your dream job and you, and which is quite inevitable is “Interview” .  Job interviews- well nobody likes them. Interviewing can be pretty imperfect way of analyzing the candidate for a job. For the interviewee, it is nothing but a game of – ‘guess-what’s-in-interviewer’s-head’. It is extremely hard to know that whatever you are saying and expressing  is even remotely close to what the interviewer is expecting or not? Luckily, there are few phrases that are almost always on the mark. It will be excellent to try and squeeze these phrases in your interview if you are given the opportunity.

  1. “I faced lot of success with that in the past.”

Just babbling about your never ending list of skills is not going to mark an impression on the interviewer. It is imperative that you side-by-side mention how that skill landed you with the success in the past. This is surely going to put smile on interviewer’s face. Of course, the Hiring managers would look for the relevant past experience, but knowing that you excelled in them will be like icing on the cake. So, back up your answers with an example of a time where you excelled at whatever skill is being evaluated. Now, when we say, “ skill,” it means more than hard skills. It is not just that you always complete your work on time; you always remain punctual and so on. What the interviewer would be interested is like; finding a solution with the limited data, resolving a team conflict, working independently, meeting deadlines.

  1. “I’m really excited about this.”

It is not only you who would be there giving an interview. And, all the candidates in the room would be acquiring, more or less the same skills and the same relevant experience. So, what can be the primary deciding factor in that case? For many of the interviewers, it is the excitement the candidate is showing for the position and the company. After all, the one who is passionate inherently seems much more driven.

While it undoubtedly makes sense to state directly that you are excited, it is very essential to back it up by doing some company research. Like, if the interviewer asks, “Why do you wish to hitch our company?” Just giving an upfront answer that you are extremely excited about the product they manufacture is not enough. It is important to state how it is better than others in the market. So you need to do your homework.  Investigate their website, talk to people you know who are employed there or worked previously, and get your hands on anything that is relevant.

  1. “Yeah, I just spoke with Sarah to find out more about”

Surely, you are not going to have everything in you that the interviewer is looking for. But then, it is okay. You just need to show how much willing you are to learn. More fundamentally, show that how quick learner you are, and in fact, already learning.

For this, first you need to identify your areas of weakness. Maybe you lack some of the skills mentioned in the list of job description, or you haven’t had much past experience on that. Secondly, find someone or something that might help you learn and improve that area. It can be through an online course, through a book or some informational interview. Now you are good to go. If this weakness turns up during the interview, you just have to mention that you have spoken with so or you have started taking a class about it. This not only points out the self-awareness, but also that you have taken your initiative to work on that weakness. What more could a Hiring manager demand for?

You might never know what is inside interviewer’s head, but at very least you know that these phrases can go over well. Plus, keep practicing. If you get lucky, you may go through it in no time.

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