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3-Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Productivity, Effective Time Management Is Necessary! Never Leave Anything For Tomorrow if You Can Do It Today!

3-Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Productivity, Effective Time Management Is Necessary! Never Leave Anything For Tomorrow if You Can Do It Today!

3-Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Productivity

Managing your time effectively is a mundane phrase that one hears every day, but some people find that a herculean task to implement it in their lives. Effective time management is a careful science of planning your limited time to accomplish your goals. It is simply a continuum of your desires and your needs arranged in order of your priority. Reading about time management or letting somebody lecture you about the same will lead you nowhere close to accomplishing your tasks on time, however attempting to enforce it in your life will.

Mathematically it would be appropriate for one to describe the time as seconds culminate to minutes, minutes to hours, days, months and so forth. How often have you heard the commonplace expression “it seemed like decades ago even though it was only yesterday”? The human mindset is inherently complicated, and personal involvement creates a conundrum in our head. This has been conclusively termed as soft time that exists in the same latitudinal frame as that of mathematically explained “real-time.” It is this “soft time” that one has to learn how to manage effectively.

Why should you manage your time?

Time management gives you better control over your life rather than let your life take control of you. It lets you recline in comfort at the end of a productive day, rather give you stressful, sleepless nights. While the inexperienced youth of today may live recklessly and tell you that future planning will take you nowhere, little are they aware of the benefits of time management.

Once you start managing your time on a routine basis one gets accustomed to it. It soon gets incorporated into your personality. This gives you an inner sanctuary of peace and a sense of achievement. It lets you plan your finances while simultaneously save for the future.

How can you plan your time?

  1. The round robin technique

The Round Robin is an algorithm that is used in computing systems, where every job is allotted a quantum of time for it to be completed. Sometimes when an unknown situation may rise to the occasion, and you are not sure how much time the task at hand may take you to complete, allow yourself a restricted amount of time for its completion. Should that fail to occur, move over to other tasks in your schedule. Try to accomplish those as fast as you can and later come back to your unfinished jobs. These however can be effectuated only at the cost of your leisure time. Do not spend too much hankering for something that is unprecedented for in terms of priority.

  1. Learn from the past; live in the present; anticipate the future

While most people devote a lot of time in their doldrums, agonizing for lost time, they do not realize that every minute spent living in the past is a moment spent in vain. Learn from your past blunders, and that should serve you as a reminder for the future.

You may also come across at some time with some people who tend to make excruciatingly detailed schedules for long periods but will eventually stay away from the intended path. This usually happens because one begins to view his schedule as a monotony of burden.  The future is a vast mystery, and your priorities may always change. Do not make intricate plans because in the long run you would have spent more time planning rather than actually doing it. Set aside time for activities that you know will be imminent in the immediate future. Prior planning will always be a savior.

Carry your daily planner with you everywhere (be it electronic or a small notebook).

  1. Strike a balance between your temptations and your prerequisites.

How often have you procrastinated, only because you fell prey to the temptations of Facebook or Twitter?  We all have that one favorite soap opera that you just have to watch every day. Make it a firm decision to turn off the television as soon as your favorite show is over. Do not waste your time mindlessly surfing through channels or the web for that matter. Keep your work space organized so you can effortlessly trudge through your files and related documents. A good eight-hour sleep every day is an absolute must.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”  Procrastination has been the major foe of time management. But if you live ruthlessly and have rigid priorities you can accomplish a lot within a limited span.

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