3 Ways Moving to a Paperlite Office Can Help You and Your Business

3 Ways Moving to a Paperlite Office Can Help You and Your Business

With the advent of technology and the digital age, the concept of a “paperlite” or “paperless office” has emerged among businesses and companies and more are transitioning from a traditional setup to something more digitalized. It is believed that translating files and other operations into a digital format can increase an office’s efficiency and productivity, which is an enticing benefit to gain.

However, there are still businesses and companies that continue to rely on paper usage for their daily operations, and for various reasons. There may be a lack of knowledge or resources for digitizing files and operations, or there might not be enough time for a business to execute this transition within their already-jampacked schedule. These might be your reasons, too.

A paperlite office, however, is worth the extra effort into learning and executing it. Here are a few reasons why:


  1. Your office becomes more efficient and productive

Like mentioned above, moving into a digital operation and file storage increases the efficiency and productivity of your office. With a paper-dependent operation, you must sift through all the physical files to find the one that you need. Filing them also takes up time as you must manually do it in a specific organization guideline – and this is highly susceptible to human error.

Digitizing your files allows you to gain access to them in a short amount of time. For example, even if you have a messy filing system on your computer, using the built-in search function will let the computer do the finding for you, and it only takes a few seconds to do so. The search function isn’t only limited to filenames or file types – depending on the capacity, it can also search through text files for a certain word.

Not only that, but moving to digitalized files allows you to edit them repeatedly without having to start over from scratch. This is especially helpful with team-shared documents that are circulated through for revisions or additions. You can let them have access to a single file instead of giving them different physical copies and compiling all their handiworks, speeding up the operation significantly.

The time you save by shifting to a more digitalized process gives you more time to concentrate on other affairs in your business. Every second spared in any operation is a step to having a faster and more efficient work flow, and a paperlite office can help you achieve that.


  1. You save on various extra costs

Aside from saving you time, moving to a paperlite office can save you from lots of miscellaneous costs that comes with using paper for your daily operations. More often than not, you would use a multitude of papers in different sizes and kinds, but they are useless without writing materials, printers and inks, and other paraphernalia.

There is also the case of needing filing cabinets and other storage materials for them, and those need to protect your files from damages that dust, pests and chemicals can bring. In correlation to the point above, filing your documents properly requires a lot of filing materials that can only add to your costs. Repairing documents that have become damaged will also only add more to your expenditures.

Transporting your documents to their intended recipients also require manpower and transportation costs, and that’s just more money flying out of your business’ pocket.

With a paperlite office, your only cost will most likely be the same electrical and internet bills you pay each month. There might be some small additional costs if you choose to use other services from the Internet that require a small monthly to yearly fee for full or premium access to all its features, or the cost of buying specific programs for your paperlite office, but they are smaller in comparison to the regular restocking you do for all the supplies you need to use paper effectively in your work.


  1. You can have a “greener” office thanks to your paperlite transition

The production of paper, first and foremost, damages the forest and the rest of the ecosystem through a domino effect. Numerous trees are cut down, which deprives wild animals of their homes, as well as makes the soil more susceptible to erosion during heavy rains and floods. The actual production of paper in pulp mills also contributes to air, water, and land pollution. Paper waste, afterwards, take up about 35% of a landfill’s total weight in terms of solid waste (before they are recycled).

Reducing or even eliminating your paper usage helps curb down this behavior – and if more businesses and companies transition to paperlite to paperless offices, there can be a massive impact to preserving the environment. You can also boost your business’ image, especially with environmentally-conscious clients, through this way if you promote a “greener” work style in your office.

Moving to a paperlite office can work wonders for your business in more ways than one. It may seem like a tedious job, and it may take up quite some time to fully transition to this new office style concept, but the benefits you can reap are all worth the effort.


Peter Hartley heads up a dedicated team of Legal Process Outsourcing specialists at Law In Order.


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