3 Ways To Spot A Terrible Boss In A Job Interview

3 Ways To Spot A Terrible Boss In A Job Interview

Job interview

There is plenty to look and think before accepting a job, but one thing which cannot be ignored is that whether or not you are working under a boss who cares for employees’ career growth and in short, is he the perfect boss or not?

The boss plays a major role in shaping (or breaking) one’s career and so, apart from looking at the factors you look at a job before accepting it, do insert this in your checklist as well- Is he is a terrible boss?

There are quite a few clues to look for in the interviewer, and top 3 have been mentioned below. Do look out the terrible bosses and if he comes to be one, reject his job offer immediately before you become a rejected employee yourself!

Here it goes-

1) The usage of pronouns- The way he uses the pronouns would, to a great extent tell you which type of boss he would be. If he uses ‘you’ in a pessimistic way, look out for such bosses; they are to be avoided. If he uses ‘I’ in describing the success of the company, he is one of the people who take away all the credit and pass on their failures on others. If he is the ‘I’ type, he would definitely mention ‘We’ when talking about the failures.

2) Distracted- If your interviewer keeps looking at the recent mail he has received or checking his SMS on his smartphone, then you are probably sitting in front of the wrong person. This behaviour on the part of the interviewer suggests that he would ignore you all throughout your job and would have no time for you and your career growth. This type of boss is a big no and one should not even think about joining such a firm, even if the salary amount is a good one!

3) Beating about the bush- If the interviewer fails to give straight answers to the questions you put up and tries to give a deflection to your question, you are in a place where you shouldn’t be in the future!

If you put up questions regarding the previous person who worked at the position you are being interviewed for, and the interviewer starts giving negative answers about the previous employee, such as ‘he was a bad fit’ and likes; you are not supposed to be here buddy. Such a statement reflects the mindset of the boss who would have no time for development for employees and blame them when things don’t work out. One should also put up questions as how long people are made to work in the same role, how have their career plans being shaped and alike questions.

The answers to these questions would give you an idea of what the firm thinks and plans for its employees and their career growth. If you don’t get satisfactory answers to these questions, you are up for facing trouble!

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