3 Step Process To Answer The Toughest Of Questions

3 Step Process To Answer The Toughest Of Questions
The 3-Step Process To Answering Even The Toughest Questions

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We all go through the dreaded process of an interview, maybe formal or informal, where we are the interviewee. Whichever high position a person holds, he/she must have a scary tale to tell about some situation like a business meeting, presentation or interview where they were expected to answer question that were not a tiniest bit simple. Most of us may have gone blank during one such situation. Sometimes being at a loss of words is forgivable but mostly it’s not expected to happen. The person is expected to answer all the queries and that too satisfactorily. There is no magical formula to escape it. But the preparation done well in advance has its own merits and helps you to be ready with your content by working on the weaker points, overcome any pressure.

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Solving queries instills confidence in others about your case. Ability to handle difficult questions may even accelerate chances of promotions; otherwise it may damage your reputation or career path.

In the following article, we shall mention a 3-step process and answer the toughest questions that is possible:

The ABC rule will definitely help anyone going to face a tough question hour, it helps you manage the fidgeting, panicking, and unclear thoughts you experience in the face of a tough question.


This is the first step of this process and works on the fact that a first impression is the last one. Make sure you give an impression to someone that you are concerned about their thoughts and ideas. Start by saying “I understand…” Doing this will buy you some time to frame a correct response to the query. We think much faster than we speak. So, try to align your thoughts, and phrase and rephrase the accurate response in mind before speaking. In these circumstances you are expected to give clear and precise answers. Alignment is also a best way to avoid a potential conflict. It helps the other person get an idea that he/she is not being sidelined and also that you are fully concentrated and focused on the matter at hand.  Use the word “because” and give examples and hard facts and figures if necessary to explain your motion. Once the alignment has been done, it’s time to move on to the next step which is called bridging.

  1. BRIDGE:

As soon as you have established that you are concerned with the points raised by the interviewer, it’s time to start bridging. Bridging means moving from the middle ground between you and the interviewer towards the points that you want to make. Do not make your response a fight back. Instead, try to transition so smoothly, that the discussion remains comfortable and positive rather than a battleground. Ego-clashes in such a situation become an easy route to take, but it’s the most counter-productive also. Make sure your perspective becomes an easy alternative to consider. Use the keywords like;” however”, “or”, etc. to make it environment-friendly in all possible ways. After you have put forward the alternative, it’s time to move to the next step. The points that make up these avenues are structured using the final step, categorization.


Now, before answering, establish a clear-cut structure in your mind. Orally, these bullet points are vocal linkages. These linkages should correspond to the concept present in the question. If the question is about “goals”, then start by saying “one of the goals” Here, each goal that you mention corresponds to the mental bullet point. This strategy is really effective because you are able to classify/ segment your thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision. By categorizing, you  will give more power to your ideas. It’s like many ideas blended together in a coherent fashion. Instead of coming up with a bunch of clumsy ideas which are not interlinked at all, it’s better to proceed with the above way.

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So, the bottom line is that with ABC, you will be able to deliver a strong, coherent answer with ease and impact.

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