4 Essential Apps For I-Phone

4 Essential Apps For I-Phone

4 Essential Apps For I-Phone

God made one apple, Steve Jobs made another. There was the EYE and there was the PHONE. But Steve Job’s Apple made the i-phone, and the rest, well as they say, is history.

There were i-phone 1, 2, 3 and 4, and then there was the 4S and then 5, along with 5C and 5S which could make any gadget lover drool, but then to their delight came the i-phone 6 and the I-phone 6 plus (to give the taller and wider smart-phones, a run for their money) and needless to say, they took the entire world by storm. Owning an i-phone isn’t a big deal today considering the big pockets people have, yet people keep switching to newer versions as the makers keep launching them and since i-phone 6 is the new hot property in town, it a prized possession for its lucky owners who have struggled to make through the massive rush and finally managed to own one.

However, it is equally important that your i-phone not just remains a device to flaunt and grab eyeballs; it should be well serving the purpose doing justice to those thousands of bucks spent in getting it. The best way to do that is to get it loaded with apps providing the best features, which enhance your phone’s utility and productivity. As the year comes to an end, people buy new phones. Newer the phone, double is the excitement and companies also launch new apps to take maximum advantage of the same.

There are some apps, which can actually make your lives much better and your phone can me much smarter. The password app for instance, creates passwords which are stringent enough to protect your phones. You can create separate complex passwords for different apps, and then a single password of your choice to access them.

For iOS 8, Touch ID is a great update as you can use your unique fingerprints to get access to all your passwords. It is basically a free app with subscription access to pro-version. This updated version also allows for extension from mobile environment to desktop, which is a big breakthrough for iOS as it has increased sharing. Therefore it is of a great advantage to the users.

The Flipora app boasts of over 34 million users and is used for content discovery service. It can give a beautiful start to your day. You can learn and discover new things and popular content, mostly what is relevant to you and what do you care about. You get personalized content recommendations, which can make great use of larger and gorgeous new Retina Display. It enables you to follow your favorite interests and connect with other users with similar interests. It suggests content, which is relevant to your work and gives recommendations, which only gets better with time. It helps publishers as they can drive traffic to third parties, which can enable them to receive the engaged audience.

Another important app is Swype which enables faster text input into your phone by making virtual keyboards, which makes it easier for the users. You can merrily drag your finger and word predictions make it comfortable for you to choose making life easy and much better. And not just that, you have an expanded set of customization options as well. And last but not the least, another important app is Pinterest. This is already a very popular app for its creative ideas. More than 70 millions users use it. It takes advantage of iOS new extension capacity.

There are lots of other apps as well, but some apps like this are more than indispensable.

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