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4 Ways To Make College Work For Your Inner Entrepreneur, Steve Jobs And Mark Zuckerberg are College Drop Outs- It is Not Necessary That Dropping Out Of College Will Lead To The List Of Successful Entrepreneurs, College Matters!

4 Ways To Make College Work For Your Inner Entrepreneur, Steve Jobs And Mark Zuckerberg are College Drop Outs- It is Not Necessary That Dropping Out Of College Will Lead To The List Of Successful Entrepreneurs, College Matters!

4 Ways To Make College Work For Your Inner Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs left his college after first semester to follow the hippie culture, which turned out to be a legendary figure in the history of computer. He built a whole new empire from a scratch and a dream worth million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg was a hacker who dropped out of his college after sophomore to finally attain the title of the youngest CEO. He presently is grossing billion dollars with 250 million users for his product (Facebook).

These two people were destined to be in their current position. They dreamt and labored to achieve their destination. Just because Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg are college drop outs doesn’t mean that you will be in the list of successful entrepreneurs if you boycott the campus. It’s not necessary to drop out from the college in order to achieve such a successful career. Sometimes even college matters!

Unlike your school life, college can revolutionize your attitude and personality, with entirely spanking ideas and connections. If you are mapping to get a noble establishment, then just take few minutes out of your tight schedule to skim through this article so as to comprehend the stipulation of campus:

  1. REAL TIME SCENARIO: Theory is inevitable in studies. The moment you step into the college, you will get a bulk of books on various subjects related to your field of studies, but then, do not blindly depend on the paperback. Try to practically implement the theoretical aspect of your subject. Get as many real time projects that can help you in implementing and advancing your bookish knowledge. You can also enroll yourself into some additional courses which may provide you assistance with some of the latest software used in industry like tally, CAD, etc. it may sound weird, but you can also get into some psychological courses.
  2. NAME SAYS IT ALL: When it comes to getting a reputable job with some top brands of the industry you have to be visible and for that, your educational institution should have a bigwig, so the moment you spell out your college’s name the employer should be half-impressed. The reason behind recruiters approaching top B-Schools is the notion of quality that is advertised and assured by the institution. But then, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani or Aditya Birla is not from top B-Schools. So when it comes to entrepreneurship what concerns is innovative brainwave and to certain extent the name of your college too.
  3. NET-WORKING: In the era of social media platform, you won’t find it hard to get expansive link ups. But, when it come to experts and experienced contacts, college can give you a better deal than these social media. The professors and counselors can provide you authenticated contacts and expert advice out of their industry practice because, in the latest scenario, most of the lecturers have hands on industrial experience before they take teaching as their full time profession. So it becomes easier for the students to get a bridge into the industry.
  4. MONEY MONEY MONEY: Getting into a prominent college, you would have invested lump sum amount and definitely expect return on your investment. Just because the college is renowned, you might not have given it a second thought before devoting your treasure into the tuition fees. The reason is simple, you have faith that the institution will never let you down and provide you with best career as per the promise. Moreover if you are going through the loan way to meet your penny expenses, then do a thorough research on the loan repayment policy, as well as the financial assistance provided by the educational institution by the means of scholarships,etc.

Dropping out of college will not help in achieving your dream if you think Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg boycotted college yet they became successful. Everybody has a destiny and to acquire it one must work hard nevertheless sit and watch that it will come to you. So, college really matters as it not only gives you higher knowledge or degree but also a platform to groom your attitude, personality, and a network of ideas and connections.

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