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5 Creative Ways To Attract Top Talent For Your Business

5 Creative Ways To Attract Top Talent For Your Business

If you’re in HR, you’ve been down the usual recruitment path. Spending a considerable amount of time perfecting the job description, updating the careers section of your website, and uploading this description to various platforms in a bid to attract the right person for the role. You may have even set up shop at a career’s fair and advertised on job boards and still found that it’s just not working. Once that process is over, your hirs and payroll software may have let you down.

The fact of the matter is, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fill positions.  According to a study by Jobvite, 65% of recruiters claim talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring.

So, what if we told you that’s because your dream candidates aren’t looking for a job?

Ideally, your strongest candidate will already be gainfully employed in a highly-respected company. The challenge now is to compel these passive applicants to not only leave their current jobs, but to additionally trade for a position with your company.

Attracting this passive talent will require creativity. Here are five creative ways to attract the right, high-quality talent to your business.

  1. How Viral Is Your Culture?

When hiring a new applicant, you are likely concerned primarily with their ability to do the job, fit in with company culture and display initiative and leadership skills. But what is your applicant seeking from you?

A Glassdoor study claims that the average job seeker reads at least six reviews in the process of forming an opinion on a company. How does your current online presence define yours?

Take an Australian financial comparison website as an example. FinderHumans is an instagram page run by dedicated only to showcasing the company’s culture (including photos of weekly team lunches and social events.)

Curate the online reputation of your organisation’s culture and be rewarded with candidates who already know a little about your brand and genuinely want to work for you.

2. Utilise Your Social Media Network

Similarly, if your already have a quality following on social media or via a company newsletter, team up with your marketing team and advertise where you already have an engaged audience.

Rather than buying space on a job board where your text-only ad will be lost among 1000 others, why not dedicate these funds to a Facebook video ad? Though, do your best to avoid anything like this embarrassing attempt by the Australian Federal Department of Finance, even if it has garnered over 200,000 views.

Target your dream audience directly and, as a bonus, drive additional organic traffic to your website.

3. Target Your Dream List Personally

If you want to attract your dream candidates, you’re going to have to get personal. It’s time to do some research. Gather a list of your Top 100 candidates from other companies, analyse their social media profiles and reach out to them individually with personalised applications to interview.

Video game company Red 5 Studios took this principle to the extreme when they hand-picked 100 ideal candidates and sent each one a personalized iPod equipped with a welcome from their CEO.

It is not necessary to go to these lengths, but, you can build relationships with your chosen ones if you connect with them in a meaningful way. Try the channels they are are already comfortable on and engage with them directly.

4. Use Your Best Assets – Your Current Employees

According to MRI Network, 72% of candidates state advancement opportunities are the top reason why they would change a job, with better compensation packages (57%) and better company culture coming second and third respectively.

But where can passive applicants hear about these factors?

Give your current employees plenty to brag about to qualified friends and family. Some of the highest quality leads you can receive are from already satisfied employees looking to share the love.

You can even go one step further and reward current employees for any referrals that result in a successful hire.

Employees want to feel inspired, motivated and continue to educate themselves while they work. Give your employees the kinds of perks they will want to share with others and encourage them to do so.

5. Go Where Your Ideal Candidates Are

Don’t underestimate the value of good old-fashioned networking. Mattersight reports that 80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process.

Why not go one step further and develop a relationship with a potential candidate before you even reach the interview stage? If, by chance, your new acquaintance is ready for a change, you will be at the forefront of their mind. Even if they never become available, having a go-to person to recommend other potential candidates is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Author Name: Mariya Zarembo


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Author Bio:

Mariya Zarembo is the Marketing Communications Assistant for Agilyx, a full-service ERP software provider for medium to large businesses in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Singapore. She has a strong background in marketing, event planning and public relations with extensive experience in writing, social media, and brand awareness, all of which she utilises in her position at Agilyx in Sydney, Australia.

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