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5 Killer Web Design Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Killer Web Design Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier


Whenever you step outside to search for web designers, you do not have to look far as designers are everywhere. But as finely quoted “not all fingers are of same size and shape”, every web designer is different and has a secret or two. The difference between professionals and good designers is insider knowledge, hard-won workflows and hidden tips and hacks which come from years of experience.To design a website as per your needs and imagination is still not a child’s play. What is that expert know and you don’t? To become a better web designer, you need to work while keeping in mind the fundamentals of good design. So, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, go through some tips below:

  •  Fundamental Rules of Type Design

A good web designer always keeps in mind that the web is just a bunch of text. Every web designer should know that fundamentally, the web is just about typographical designs. Many of the type designers have spent hundreds of years in perfecting the art of typography. Here are some golden rules you can follow:

For body text, you always want to increase readability and for that –

  • Lines should not cross the limit of 55-65 characters
  • If text is more in quantity, use serif typeface

For titles –

  • To make them stand out, opt for bold feature
  • Go for sans serif typeface as it is readable at larger sizes
  • Picking 3 Color Palette

Here we are talking about the web. A good quality website is finely created by using decent color themes and eye-catchy designs. If you dig deeper, you might be able to figure out a trick that they usually use: 3 tone color palettes.

Whenever you are building and designing a cohesive site, choose a 3-color palette and stick to it till the end.

  • Make Use of Typecast with Google Fonts

One of the most effective tricks which professional web designers follow is to use Typecast. Recently, Monotype held the hands of Google to release a new, free version of Typecast which can be used through Google Fonts. Basically, it permits you to choose any font on the Google Font Website and send a link to the Typecast app.

After that, you can use that font on any text and make adjustments like line spacing, font size and even weight. Moreover, you can also export your work in CSS, HTML or PNG formats so that you can share it with others.

  • Give Your Content a Breathing Space

There are always some sites which try to upload as much content as they possibly can. Do you really think readers would even think to read all cluttered, choked content? Readers always go for sites where content is nicely placed in short paragraphs to help them understand better. Actually, this is the key tip i.e. to make sure that your content has room to breathe.

Do not place a wall of text in front of users to scare them. Instead give proper margins, use subheadings, short meaningful paragraphs.

  • Rightly Sized Image

All the images you use for your website should be rightly sized to help load them faster. Every time you need to export a normal image from Photoshop to PNG, you can import it as an 8 bit PNG. This will help you in saving your image with optimal quality with a slight reduction in size due to which, you can upload it on your website.

So, here are 5 tips to help achieve milestones just like professional web development company do. By following them, you will end up being more effective and productive in no time.

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