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5 perks that are traps

5 perks that are traps

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Being a big firm, definitely you try to encompass all the capable human resource fitting best to your jobs and challenges. To ensnare the fish into your hook, you need to set some very exciting and mouth-watering bait what we usually call as perks.

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Setting of perks is no mean and is not an easy as it may seem. Something that benefits someone might be useless to another. Finding common perks is therefore a daunting task as implementing them may not be as easy as offering these perks to the employees. Certainly HR Research and studies maintain that, What looks good on paper does not always work when people get involved. Owing to this statement let’s talk about some perks that actually comes out to be a trap:

  • Blissful holidays in lieu of cash

Large firms are now bent on offering the vacations in exchange of more pay with the intention of hiding their strategy. But all this is in vain as today the employees are better trained to think before making choices. What looks good from the above may not be the same from the surface; they know all these perks are just superficial. This perk tends to turn back on the firm as the trap as their reputation declines more and more among their workers. It has been observed that many people on the contrary avoid taking vacations to rule themselves out from the books of rejected people. They work through day and night despite their sickness also.

  • Soul and body at workplace

It’s often good to promote an atmosphere where whole mind and body is dedicated to one work but simultaneously giving short breaks for relaxing and giving rest to the mind is equally essential. Expecting from people to work like machines ruthlessly without anything going in the mind of the outside world is particularly being insane. What we experience in marriages is that completely devoting oneself for longer periods is the cause of interruptions and arguments. Instead give the employees the space for pursuing their dreams of outside world also.

  • Have beer with co-workers

As per studies alcohol loosens our inhibitions and then all things wrong happen. Many believe that it’s not good to drink with the co-workers but actually then what the real mind works. That’s the time when all the workers sit together and gossip with each other. Better to chill out with the workers to maintain the friendly atmosphere at your work place.

  • Fridays before weekend

This perk is available only for pretentiously rich people without the need for changing the clothes. Being a perk of riches don’t expect it to be availed by an employee, but if you do want it, then probably you have to be rigid enough to speak for yourself. Confront people in the beginning if you are looking for such perks as then you won’t have to do expectations ahead of time. Better act before you regret afterwards.

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  • Don’t be over excited and enthusiastic

Thinking to do something different from other employees is definitely a good task but don’t go off track. Devote your time more to the work you’ve been appointed for rather than pursuing many things at one time giving an indication to the manager that you do not fit well in your job. It is said that there are two types of managers, one in the favor of dynamic work environment by promoting the employees working well to high posts as part of the legacy and other believing in training the employees over one skill and specializing them with stability. So if you want to do multitasking better you define your managers beforehand to avoid any misconception.

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