5 Tips on Improving your Leadership Style

5 Tips on Improving your Leadership Style
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A leader should inspire and motivate and ensure teamwork. But if a leader is not faithful to his words or commitment or strength in keeping a deadline, or being able to follow through and act on problems, then leadership quality fails because of the inability to act and resolve issues. Leadership and management in a reductionist sense ultimately is about one thing i.e. satisfactory completion of a task. Analyzing one another’s view or strength and weakness allows a flow of ideas and makes you aware of the problems that you may not know. The benefit is that being able to understand others on a subtle level can only come from being able to know yourself. Once we can successfully identify the nature and habits of our mind only then can we see the motivation of others.

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People are often trying to scrape up motivation and inspiration inside to be able to inspire and motivate others. Some people are born leaders, but others have just to become good leaders. Natural leadership, likewise natural ethics comes from an expanded sense of cause and effect or action and outcome. By bringing in your own empathy, insights and understanding, as opposed to relying solely on other people’s idea will help you far more in your logical thinking and make you understand what is better for a company and what not. Humanity inspires and consoles, but it is human nature as well as human ability that is the central focus to stay in touch with reality.

If you have a malignant team member who has no interest in having integrity or getting the job done, then should you warn them about dismissal and it should be within your powers to dismiss such a person. Never casually threaten a person as then a genuine warning is not taken seriously. Many unskillful leaders want to think that a team runs itself and that members should have their own ethic and should work together, but this is seldom the case. It should be known from the beginning what your expectations are, how they will be fulfilled, who will satiate them and by when these must be completed as well as a company’s boundaries such as hierarchy and duty boundaries. Encourage team discussion, but stick to the boundaries. As management, it is essential to get the job done, but delegation in a leadership context is a sign of trust and faith in the team member’s abilities. Delegation is sharing skills and experience to be able to allow people to grow, but it must be done wisely. Learn body language, your team member’s body language. Encourage education and experience. This may be to have team members on a rotation that grows skills. Consider carefully before you commit or act and if necessary take extra time to consider the implication, risk and how to implement strategies.

While it is not unknown for some leaders to be well organized and analyze all outcomes and while they have been able to effectively stage, manage their projects and appear naturally confident, it is important to communicate wisely and never consider it a weakness to ask for help. Know what is going on and stay in touch, not only with your team members but also with your clients, suppliers and in general, the world around you. This gives you a greater exposure and makes you up to date with the world. Be protective and have fun. It’s not about a slave master or slave and a leader. Keep things fun and help others work with each other.

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Consider what your personal feelings are and where your leadership standard maybe lacking in quality, while acting accordingly. This way you can act to address your shortcomings. Ironically, perhaps even tragically, people try to keep personal work separate from professional when possible. The two should go hand in hand with awareness and a broad, expansive understanding of cause and effect, action and outcome.

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