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5 Ways Your Personal Life Affects your Professional Image

5 Ways Your Personal Life Affects your Professional Image
5 Ways Your Personal Life Affects your Professional Image

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With the onset of a zillion hacks to create a professional image or a brand that signifies your expertise and level of involvement in the work arena, the professional world seems to have taken a complete twirl. Gone are those times, when once outside the workplace, what you do used to have no repercussions on your work, whatsoever.

However, it’s imperative to understand that a brand doesn’t pertain to the confines of business only, but people as well. So, it’s better for you to understand that whether you’re trying hard to or not, you’ll always represent your professional brand or ‘image’.

As boggled your mind as it may be, it’s really impossible to demarcate boundaries between your personal and professional life in this digital era. Hence, the discussion to follow will proliferate over 5 ways in which your personal life affects the professional image you hold.

The Way You Carry Yourself

Have you ever thought what your attire and physical attributes tell about you?

These are instances when you realize that getting up and getting dressed is not just meant for days you’ve to go to work. In today’s fast-paced world, anywhere you set your foot in has the potential to produce clients, customers and business partnerships from the get-go. Obviously, you don’t have complete control over the people you stumble upon every day. You might not always physically see someone, but there sure are people noticing you and may hold lucrative avenues for you. So, play safe and be in your best appearance to form the best impression at first instance.

Your Company and Activities in Personal Life

Golden words iterated by some philosopher in the past, your company and social network determines your net worth. To blurt it out in simple terms, birds of a feather flock together!

Yes, if you’re going around with folks who don’t have the same line of interest as yours, then probably you’re splurging a fair share of your time. Hence, make sure you’re a usual face seen at networking events and associations that have something to do with your industry of work. Start investing your energy and time in people from whom you can learn and those who can make some contribution to support your professional goals. Voila, if they can introduce you to people who have developed a prominent professional brand that can lend some credibility to your image.

The Things Your Social Media Profiles Say

Have you ever thought twice before posting any update on Facebook or tweeting a picture that you shouldn’t have?

Well, you probably should. For instance, if you’re a marketing manager, but the pictures on Facebook portray you to be a drunken party animal, do you still expect for potential clients to take you seriously?

People who want some business with you are searching for the ‘real you’ beyond your LinkedIn profile. Of course, they’ll see your crisp-collared shirt with a headshot in trimmed hair and beard, but is that it?

Haven’t customers grown smart these days?

Yes, they have! And they’ll know all lies you’ve blurted out about being an organized and disciplined professional, from the late night tweets and photos you didn’t restrict to friends and family. Obviously, they understand that at the end of the day, the business is to be done with you and not your LinkedIn profile.

The Way You Communicate

A multitude of employees are under the notion that once outside the office premises, even going to the extent of using lewd remarks  won’t hamper their professional image by a modicum. Well, that’s pretty much not the case. Your way of communication outside the walls of workplace matters as much as the same inside. Being a professional, it’s expected of you to be clear, inoffensive and responsive every time you’re in a conversation. Whether verbal or written, professional communicate accurately and thoroughly.

The Accountability Factor

Often under the misconception that it’s just a competency to be discussed in review meetings, personal accountability stands as a major constraint that determines the stature of your professional image. Taking responsibility for thing that aren’t planned shows that as a professional you are ready to take work related challenges, for the betterment of the whole organization.

Building your professional image sure does take a great deal of time and energy, but losing it is a matter of instances. Who knows that showing some resistance to flaunting your party images on Facebook, might just get you some extra bucks and better avenues in professional life.

The above article has been contributed by our guest author Mr Anshuman Kukreti, a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, Anshuman writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn

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