6 Steps To Become The Most Interesting Person Around

6 Steps To Become The Most Interesting Person Around
6 Steps To Become The Most Interesting Person Around!

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Do you have the slightest of idea how you could become the most interesting person in the world?

In this noisy world where personal branding is a professional imperative and where we constantly compete with equally qualified rivals for clients, promotions, jobs, assignments or funding, needless to mention affection and admiration, being just a little more interesting and memorable can be the deciding factor in our favour.

We have listed six rules that should yield some promising results for those who want to gear up their game with some new skills and behaviors:

  • Master conversational skills: Ability to converse is a key competency for successful client pitches, management meetings, board room presentations and the myriad hallway conversations that influence major business decisions. In fact a skillful small talk and more substantive conversations can make anyone more interesting, if one has something interesting to say. Happy people are definitely more interesting than miserable ones.

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  • Learn to make a solid business case: We do get lucky occasionally. We get when we ask for something – resources, time, money, support. Entrepreneurs, managers and executives who cannot make a solid business case that links needs to strategic goals, opportunities, detailing risks and projected ROI which are based on research and analysis, get discounted by the decision-makers who can green-light a project. We become valued players in a serious game by clearly showing value, answering tough questions from stakeholders and telling a compelling business story.
  • Cultivate a reputation of expertise: We know experts are in demand. Look around anywhere, even on televisions and you can watch a parade of authorities in various domains give their perspective on healthcare, economy, lifestyle, climate change etc. We tend to corner the experts, especially in times of uncertainty, to the answers and find out what can be done to either avoid loss or make gains. A key is to make specialized information accessible and easy to understand.
  • Resolve conflict and dispute between others: CEOs mentioned “conflict management skills”, in a recent executive coaching survey, as their top priority. In the C-suite, a place where leaders have to manage the expectations of a multitude of stakeholders, being able to help others resolve disputes and conflicting agendas is not just an asset.
  • Build relationships and connect with people: We agree that we do need help of others to accomplish our goals, whether we are start up entrepreneurs, individual contributors or corporate leaders. Being an interesting person helps in building and managing relationships. You should make it a goal to communicate authentically with others and become more interesting to them in the process.

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  • Engage in active listening: We know the fact that engaged listening makes us better informed about people and issues. But we should also realize that giving someone our full and undivided attention can have a profound effect on their perception of us. Active listening is a “giving” rather than a “taking”. We matter when we are listened to and thus we become more interesting when we listen to others.

These rules merely are a starting point as we manage ourselves to become the most interesting person in the world.

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