6 Tips To Drastically Improve Employee Engagement

6 Tips To Drastically Improve Employee Engagement
6 Tips To Drastically Improve Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement can turn a marginal business into a profitable one. High levels of engagement mean that employees don’t just turn up and do their job, they look for ways to improve themselves and perform better for the business. They are more creative, they think outside the box, and they collaborate with other engaged team members in order to garner the best results for your business. On a practical level, engaged employees are more productive; they are less prone to absenteeism; and they are more likely to grow within your company than move away to experience career and professional growth.

1 – Measure Engagement Metrics

Arguably one of the most difficult aspects of improving employee engagement is to measure engagement levels, but it is an essential component. After all, how can you hope to measure the success of an employee engagement campaign if you don’t have a benchmark level to start from? publishes an annual report on global employee engagement figures, and has honed a 12 question survey that it recommends businesses use to measure engagement levels. You can download the survey at their website, modify it to more accurately meet your organisational criteria, and then encourage employees to honestly participate. Record results, implement strategies to improve engagement, and repeat the process. This will help you to determine the most effective methods and allow you to track your employee engagement results.

2 – Determine Motivation Factors

Using the same survey you can also question employees in a bid to determine what motivates them. Although money is an important motivator for a lot of employees, it isn’t necessarily the most important.

Different employees are motivated by different factors and while some desire recognition for their efforts, others appreciate the social elements of working in a close-knit organisation. Once you have determined what motivates your employees, you can increase the level of motivation that they have. Find activities like team building go kart track days for employees that are motivated by social activities, and for those that are motivated by competition. Go karting is also a great way to encourage communication even in a competitive environment.

3 – Engagement Starts With Management                                

Good engagement, effective communication, and strong leadership all need to start with the management and executive team within your organisation. If your leaders aren’t engaged then how can they hope to encourage greater engagement from those that they manage?

When promoting from within, which is an excellent motivator for all employees and also helps increase engagement levels, ensure that you are promoting effective managers and not just effective workers. Just because somebody effectively managed a major project, does not necessarily mean that they can manage a team. Your management team is critical to the success of all business efforts, including employee engagement.

4 – Set Expectations

No matter how proactive your employees are, they need to have clear expectations set. A failure to set expectations means that employees won’t know what is expected of them and they will find it very difficult to be motivated and engaged. By setting expectations, you can encourage your team members to communicate more effectively, to become more engaged in ensuring that they reach those expectations, and you also have measurable metrics to determine productivity and efficiency.

5 – Communication Is Critical

Every employee engagement campaign needs to be backed by strong, clear, and regular communication. Whether you are conducting engagement surveys, determining what motivates your team members, or you are trying to improve engagement, if you fail to communicate properly, then engagement and morale will naturally drop. 

Organise events, whether they are go karting track days or team building activities like Bridge Building that can take place in the office and require only a little time, that will open lines of communication between managers and team members, and between all of your team members at the same time. 

6 – Hire And Promote Traits And Characteristics 

When conducting recruitment interviews, and when looking for suitable candidates to fill roles within your organisation, go beyond looking at education and qualification. Intelligent team members that are proactive, have the desire to engage with the business, and want to perform well for themselves and for the team that they are a part of, will naturally yield the best results for your business.

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