6 Ways Of Breaking The Ice In Those First Few Weeks At Job

6 Ways Of Breaking The Ice In Those First Few Weeks At Job
6 Ways Of Breaking The Ice In Those First Few Weeks At Job

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Ask anyone about their first day at work and you will have to bear hours of story-telling. People do not forget even a single minute they had spent on their very first day. Some have so many good stories of a warm welcome on their very first day while others tell how awkward it was for them to survive even the first day.

No hard to imagine but most of the employees have experienced a sense of awkwardness and cold environment on the very first day. You enter the office and see so many new faces, nobody knows, and everyone is engrossed in his/her work. You have no clues whom to ask for what so you just sit quietly with your discomfort waiting for someone to come and help you out with this cold environment. In your mind, you just want the day to end so that you can get back to your comfort zone.

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However, there are things that you need to understand and false assumptions that have to be busted to realize it is not such a bad day after all. All depends on how you perceive it and how well you are prepared to take it. Let us look at some of the tips that can help you get out of the fear of your very first day:

It is Universal – Happens with everyone

You are not the only one who is going through this! Maybe this will help you reduce your stress a lot more than that before. After the promises of the fine work culture at the office and all the stories around you may have huge expectations but give you a reality check. Things like these happen everywhere, so you just have to keep your calm and speak up if you need help.

Do your research and ask for help

If you have a shift in the job and are not familiar with the terms used in your day to day activity, it is good if you do some study beforehand. You will be able to do things on your own. But at times when you don’t get things, ask for help. This will firstly simplify your problem quickly and also prevent any further trouble that you may get into by faking it.

Read the Signs, Talk Less & Listen More, Absorb The Energy

You need to keep your eyes open if you want to analyze what is going around in the new place. At times, you just have to sit quiet and judge things around. Observing would help you get an estimate of the environment. Experts feel that you can see three concentric circles at your workplace. One that is created because of your work position, another because of your personality and the third is on how you analyze and sense things around.

So make sure when you are new to your place you listen more and speak less. Try and absorb the energy around and do not manipulate things unless you are settled in that environment by yourself.

Be your True Self and Do Not Fake

When you are at your office, you usually try to bond with people. This can help you in a certain way but only if you keep it real. If you try to get into things that you are not meant for, it will actually pose as a negative trait for you. So make sure you keep your nervousness to the minimum and portray your real self.

Make Friends at work

You surely need friends if you want to enjoy your workplace. There are people who know everyone’s business, and there are others who are simply there to help. So look for the ones you know you will need. Help them for once and you will surely get the favor back. They do not just help you pass your time at the workplace but also give you an alibi to get out of trouble at times. So open your eyes and keep looking.

Maintain your Cool – Frustration won’t make things easy 

You know you have just joined the place and the people around have been working for long. So it is you who needs to gel with people. Do not get frustrated if it takes time because things will go at their sweet pace. You will need to work it out with not just your team but with everyone from office boy to the clerk. So keep calm and let time take its course. Do not rush things due to discomfort.

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Things can be very easy. It is just in the mind, and once you have made up your mind, you will surely find it very easy to adjust right from the very first day. There would be no more sob stories about the first day. All you need is determination and patience to get through this quiet phase.

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