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6 Ways Social Media is like the Fashion Industry – Mark Zuckerberg Meets Ralph Lauren

6 Ways Social Media is like the Fashion Industry – Mark Zuckerberg Meets Ralph Lauren
6 Ways Social Media is like the Fashion Industry – Mark Zuckerberg Meets Ralph Lauren

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Social Media has evolved from being a monologue to a dialogue or even more, open debates, with personal opinions featuring in mainstream media, opinions that are tangential, uncensored and unrestricted, regulated by the norms of civic decency. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all global phenomena used by the people to present their perceptions and has proved to be the ideal platform. Considered as the fifth most important form of media after radio, digital, print and TV, Social Media is regarded to be for the people, of the people and by the people. It has come a long way from being an option to being a compulsion. It has often found itself being compared with the fashion industry for a number of reasons.

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  • In the search for a new trend: Change is the only constant thing, and trends of the people are a vital part of the People always want something new to cuddle with it may be a clothes, news or jobs. We are never satisfied with what we have in the present scenario and are always in the quest of something new. Just like every fashion show comes with a new set of trends to create a buzz, similarly each time social sites find customers getting addicted to something it comes up with some innovative ideas, to maintain the buzz and craze within the folks. Locating your parents and older relatives using the modernised feature, it is no longer cool and beats the drum declaring a requisite change. Studies and statistics state that the youth entering college are usually career oriented and tend not to have an account on a social media site, especially the oldest siblings. Just as fashion has a tendency of in and out, social trends also move very quickly.
  • Regional differences factored in both social media & fashion trends: Social media sites are gathering grounds not only in a particular region or in a city or in some specific country rather it is a worldwide occurrence. So, it is requisite on the part of the developers to deal with the cultural diversities blended with the language barriers and triumph over them to be a more reliable brand and thus engaging with a larger audience because localisation is a cornerstone philosophy and there is no national audience.
  • Apps & Fashion alike for different situations: People prefer diverse outfits for different occasions like a casual tee and jeans for hiking, bikini or shorts while on a beach or a one-piece for a party. Similarly, people tend to use various apps for various life scenarios such as if someone wants to chat- WhatsApp is used, want to update status or organize a gathering or protest on a national basis – Facebook stands out to be the best option, a GroupMe to arrange a party or night out, upload a picture- Instagram is the finest alternative. Often people are not satiable with the features of any one app and look for alternatives for different life situations and occasions.
  • Things come back in style: Just as fashion, things are quite unpredictable in this people’s form of media. Just when you think its buzz and rage are fading away; it would be back on track with some new features configured to it. It has the ability and capability to leap back and take hold of people’s attention. About a year back decline of FaceBook was declared, but the present moment statistics speaks of Twitter being in the bottom line and the FaceBook again on a rise. Social media developers and employers follow the motto of not being swayed by the new cool arrivals in the market rather focusing on a diversified strategy. This form of media often sounds like the biography of a working professional, sometimes on a high, sometimes on a low, sometimes being crushed and sometimes busy crushing others but always on the run afraid of being left behind and not letting itself die out.

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Paying attention to the trends, setting the right chord with the right audience across all platforms are the factors that has helped the social media live with the expectations and hopes of people of all forums just the way the fashion industry functions.

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