7 Short Books Worth More Than An MBA

7 Short Books Worth More Than An MBA
7 Short Books Worth More Than An MBA

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MBA is one of the greatest degrees. You are given a lot of respect if you are an MBA scholar. It mainly deals with business management. Studying and pursuing this degree gives you skills to improve your business, make it run successfully and tackle the most difficult situations you will have to face in the business. It is not easy to get an MBA Degree from a good college. But once you get an MBA degree, you can make a lot of money. We have some great business schools for pursuing MBA like Harvard Business School (HBS) (worldwide), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Indian School of Business (ISB) (These two in India).

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But over the past few decades, the demand for MBA is gradually decreasing. We cannot point out a particular reason for this. Some of the reasons might be that people are not able to withstand the rapid changes in the business world, Many colleges help students develop business management skills during bachelor degree itself with various courses related to that or through extra clubs activities, etc. If you see the entrepreneurs today, there are relatively few entrepreneurs who pursued MBA compared to the entrepreneurs who did not study MBA but are managing their business well! There are also some of the CEO’s sayings that MBA is so important to handle the business.

So we have seen the numbers of CEO’s who have got MBA degree are decreasing. But the question is how are they managing their businesses so well? It cannot be gained by birth or said that it’s God’s gift, they need some or the other study to do this successfully. Here are seven books that can replace MBA. Surely, all the successful people have read these books. These books are easy and fun to read.

1) As a Man Thinketh: This book is by James Allen. He is a British Philosophical Writer. He is widely known for his inspirational writings. This book is his best-known work! Many people are under the misconception that life is all about fate or luck. This book must be given to people who are under that misconception about life. It says that life is whatever we make out of it and gives you based on your work. He also said that one can be successful in life only if he is first successful in his mind. To succeed, you must have control over your mind and thoughts. This is very important for a successful business career.

2) Rich Dad Poor Dad: This book is by Robert T. Kiyosaki. He is an American Entrepreneur and a Writer. This book is commonly known as “Strunk & White”. Nowadays, social networking is the most used. Texting, chatting, emailing became the main part of a business communication. This makes one get straight to the point and does not allow one to write clearly. Also, there is no need to write clearly for these. But you will be a better Writer by reading this book. It says that neither a sentence nor a paragraph should contain something unnecessary. For that, one need not make sentences and paragraphs short, but they have to use the appropriate words effectively.

5) The One Minute Manager: This book is by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Kenneth Blanchard is a management expert and an American author. Spencer Johnson is well known for his Value Tales series and other inspirational books. Every boss or person who wants to be a boss must read this book. This book gives you a lot of business knowledge. There is no simple way to be an excellent manager!

6) How to Lie with Statistics: This book is written by Darrell Huff. He is an American Writer. This is the best selling statistics book. This book brings the tricks people use to manipulate the truth to light. This is an eye opener, and every entrepreneur must read this book.

7) The Greatest Salesman in the World: This is written by Og Mandino. He is an American Author. If you are unable to sell anything that you have, then you can never be a successful business man! This book is not only for success in business but also for success in life.

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Read these 7 books to be a successful person in general, an entrepreneur in particular who has never received any formal management education.

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