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7 Trends That Are Making Their Mark On B2B Marketing

7 Trends That Are Making Their Mark On B2B Marketing
 7 trends that are making their mark on b2b marketing

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Now that 2015 have long gone, let’s analyze what’s in store for B2B marketing trends. Marketers are always on a lookout for what’s the best  available? As per a survey of more than 2,000 marketers, the main challenge that they encounter is ‘how to keep up with the latest trends to generate more quality leads’. In order to get enlightened, following are 7 b2b marketing trends which can prove beneficial –


  • Prioritizing Customer Experience – As per a survey, 2015 showed huge customer experience, this year this will persist evolve as personalization and customization becoming more and more crucial. Expert marketers are of the view that creating a close-knit journey of the consumers bear great significance.
 7 trends that are making their mark on b2b marketing

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There are no surprises, the companies which give real significance to the consumer experience throughout their lives tend to witness impressive growth. As per a study, for one negative experience, you would need to have 11 positive experiences. In a world, where B2B buyers consider around 75% of their sales engagement to be unsalable, it is a differentiator for a company to offer a much more value-based experience.


  • Key Marketing Technologies – It is not wrong to say that marketing is an art but with the advancements in the field of technology it has turned into science. But on the positive side, it helps in making the efforts more feasible and scalable. This is where sales enablement tools come really handy as compared to the previous years, proving more beneficial for the business to stay equipped for the stiff competition. With the mounting complexities, the buyer’s attitude and the dynamic role of the vendor requires that marketing adopt sale enablement in order to mutate leads into opportunities and then generating revenue.
  • Utmost Use of Social Media – Nowadays, the consumers are smart and they look for every opportunity or a source through which they can have a communication with the brands, this is where social media becomes more imperative. Using social media, the organizations can have more close communication with the buyers, over 50% of those companies which make use of this narrate positive results.


  • Immortal Significance of Content – Seeing the current scenario, content still enjoys its supremacy. If it is a B2B business, the digital strategy will surely compound high-quality content, in order to draw the attention of the potential consumers. As per a recent report for 67% of the consumers, the content made a positive impact on their buying decision and 70% make use of the content for making research and evaluate their purchases.


 7 trends that are making their mark on b2b marketing

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  • One agency narrates the role of content marketing as offering apt information to the potential buyers in order to build trust, further developing the brand and ensuring that the brand maintains its visibility in the related matter. All those organizations that don’t give significance in creating meaningful, useful and informative content tend to face the wrath of the stiff competition.


  • Modern Age Buyers – Today, the buyers are surely one step ahead, they are well aware that you are eyeing to make a sale. They are acquainted with the seller’s products and services they are offering at the same time keeping an eye on the rising competition as well. By maintaining transparency and showcasing value, the potential buyers easily makes informed decisions and feel confident about their choice.


  • Significance of Data and Predictive – Not many marketers measure the outcome of their content and and around 44% of B2B marketers are aware of the significance of the content marketing. But in 2016, all this is all set to undergo a major change as this will be the year where the data will have more significance. We will get to know more about the power of the metrics and to make utmost use of this information to initiate informed decisions. It will further help us comprehend the pros and effectiveness of the marketing endeavors.


  • Advancement of Video Content – The recent studies suggest that by the end of 2016, ⅔ of the consumer web traffic will be benefited from the video content. This development is quite crucial seeing the latest algorithms of Google which comprise of dwell time or what is the actual time that is being spent on a particular page. According to a B2B marketing solution company, a buyer is capable of deciding whether a web experience is worth or not in 1/20 of a second, if its not then they leave.


Even though, there are surely other trends which can possibly emerge in the B2B marketplace this year, but the above discussed are the ones to look out for.



Lisa Coffey is a writer by profession. She has a knack for coming up with novel ideas. She currently writes for Fourquadrant. She contributes ideas to guide upcoming/established businesses take giant leaps in the competitive market. She has also worked for scores of magazines, writing exciting content on topics such as Sales and Marketing. She proudly serves as an advisor to start-ups.

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