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8 Food items that make you Unproductive at Work

8 Food items that make you Unproductive at Work

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Being a foodie and doing job at the same time is a tough job. Having a desk job, it certainly means that you are doing no physical movements yet your eating habits are same. Today job descriptions are like you spend more time on job than anything else, not even on your own self. The need of the hour is that make sure you inculcate movements in those working hours in every way possible without hesitation and being lazy. Taking stairs instead of escalators, walking in corridor while on a break of few seconds; walking from work to home or train or bus station would also help. Try stretching yourself after few hours’ intervals to keep your body active and to avoid growing into a plump person.

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Now being foodie definitely tempts you to eat favorite things but during these working hours try putting a check on what’s in your plate. Here are some 8 foods you need to avoid in order from stop being demoted:

  • Coffee

For many, coffee is a rejuvenating beverage to wake them up and make them fresh. But sometimes what happen, it makes you feel gastrointestinal problems making you run to the bathroom multiple numbers of times. To avoid this, instead take a green tea which is healthy and also provides you your dose of caffeine. In case you are allergic to caffeine jump on to icy decaf to freshen up yourself. Coffee is must to be avoided beverage if it disturbs your work flow.

  • Fried Food

Eating fried and fatty food during work hours can awake a feeling of laziness and being over expanded. It may make you feel nausea and ultimately restrict you from concentrating on your work. Instead eat something healthy rich in proteins and energy like raw salad, grilled chicken, meat or fish which is rich in proteins and also keeps your body fit.

  • Sugar Candies

Often people go for eating sugar candies to get the shock of energy. What happens after that is they feel sleepy and like putting their head on the desk which takes place due to threatening crash. Try avoiding these and shifting to energy snack bars which is rich in proteins, nutrients, fiber and also contains healthy fats and carbohydrates. It gives you energy to work for long hours and be productive during the whole day.

  • Vending machine Snacks

Often in workplaces these vending machines are a common thing to be spotted. People get bored of eating regular food go for these vending machines’ salty and processed food which leaves them tired and expression less. Avoid these as they are of no value except that they will destroy the remaining energy of yours. Alternative thing that can be done is keep some non perishable food along with you which is rich in proteins and fiber like almonds or nuts.

  • Smoothies

These thick smooth drink rich of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yoghurt can make you super energetic but this rink I without any proteins. It will after sometime leave you feeling sluggish and very heavy. Instead try some other beverages which are rich in energy giving nutrients and proteins making you feel more energetic and fuller for a longer period of time. Try buying one that includes Greek yoghurt of skim milk.

  • Frozen Yoghurt

Are you eating something like this frozen yoghurt? Definitely a feeling of swollen and acidity must be crumbling to tits and bits thereby making you devoid of energy. Good for you that sometimes it’s even topped up with antacids which completely makes your stomach upset. What the hidden idea is avoid this food unless you are home in the evening. Irksome side effects are rare if you take this food from a hard pack instead of a swirl from a machine. Be assured what you eat and when you eat and from where.

  • Sushi

Sushi when coupled up with soy sauce leaves you distended and feeling thirsty every time. What you can do is avoid heavy soy sauce and order for sushi with some light soy sauce completely devoid of creamy sauces and fried materials.

  • Unbalanced Meal

Don’t even look upon the unbalanced and unhealthy meals while you are work as they leave tired, irritated and always enthusiastic to eat. Go for some healthy snack something like a Turkish sandwich on whole grain bread with some raw salad including lettuce, tomatoes, meshed avocado. Try something which is filled with proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat.

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