8 Tips on Jobs Post Retirement

8 Tips on Jobs Post Retirement
8 Great tips to find jobs in retirement

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There are many employers out there who look for old and aged workers because they have more experience and knowledge about the work as compared to new employees and industry freshmen. The employees of these companies believe that if they hire older workers, they can bring them on for temporary and part-time assignments that are challenging, which will increase productivity in a cost effective way. All your expertise and experience gained prior to retirement during work years can be of great use to the employers.

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To find the right kind of job, which also pays well and at the same time suits your age and is less hectic can be a tough task. Here are eight best tips that you can follow and find yourself a great job in retirement:

  1. Register your name with temp firms in your locality: They are more interested in the experience and skills you have rather than your age. Working with these temp firms will bring you the advantage of building up your resume for future work assignments.
  1. Even if you don’t plan to accept a particular job offered to you, accept the interview wholeheartedly: Just role- playing interviews or interviewing along with your friends will not help. It will add on to your experience of practicing job interviews in actual. It must have definitely been a very long time since you have appeared from an interview and you obviously would not want to go to your new job interview unprepared and make easily correctable mistakes, especially when you are really interested in working for that employer.
  1. Have your resume rewritten and updated by an expert, or take assistance online: The CV/ Resume that you might be having with you would be outdated and written in an old format. It’s better to arrange all your certificates and edit your resume according to the needs of employers these days.
  2. Search for those jobs where employers seek to hire older people: While searching for jobs, narrow and modify your search by selecting your preferred location and the type of job, whether part time, temporary or permanent, you would like to do. Also, consult the job providing companies to give you the jobs best suited for older people.
  1. Inform your employer about your will of starting your job on a project basis or as a consultant while applying for the job: Younger workers usually do not accept this kind of employment method, so this will, therefore, give you one leg up on the younger ones. This ideology of working on a project basis, or telling your employer that you are ready to work on a temporary basis often results in permanent employment.
  1. Prepare yourself well and collect productive information on the employer before your interview: There are many methods to do this. For example, you can contact some acquaintance of yours who works or has worked with this particular employer, and you can ask a few questions about him and the company. You can inform them about yourself and what your motive of call is. You can even request him to be your employee referral after a few queries about the employee and the firm. You need to be less blunt at this time and talk more freely.

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  1. Look out for certain firms that do not have a lot of employees, say lesser than 500: According to statistics by U S labor dept., these types of employers who keep a minimized size of their firm have created most of the new jobs in recent years.
  1. Volunteer with a charity, NGO or no- profit. This is an excellent experience to have, and many employers seek people who do something for a good cause. It may not give compensation but will give many bonuses over the


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