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9 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life

9 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life


Snuggled between the various options like staying in touch with friends and family, trying to be a wizard at work, and keeping up with family jobs, life gets fairly complicated. Recently, various Quora users agreed and discussed upon the matter that how can they make their lives comfortable. Several users came up with a bit of helpful recommendations and hints on ways to streamline our daily lives.

Here are nine of those favorite ideas for how you can make every day a little bit more childlike:

  1. Just say no.

While it might occur very difficult to you, saying no to anything and everything that adds confusion and causes mess to your life leaves room for what’s most significant to you in your life. “You need to say no to everything that doesn’t matter,” rightly said by a Quora resident Oliver Emberton. “Practice saying no to everything by default, and making rare, precious exceptions.” Once you set forth, your priorities will get lighter.

  1. Travel abroad.

One of the Quora users Mark Pan recommended moving to another country for a couple of years or going for a long holiday. The conversion will definitely facilitate you to shave off  big complications such as an mundane job or a messy relationship, as well as force you carve down your belongings, and once you get back you’ll be ready for a new beginning as you’ll experience much less luggage, both tangible and intangible.

  1. Make up your mind.

Running away from your day to day  decisions with a flip “I don’t know” will only land you in choosing harder in the long run. Another Quora user, Radhika Devidas elaborates: “This ‘I don’t know’ feeling that you get from time to time only means that you are willing to suffer some more to arrive at something solid because only those who suffer the most face difficulty in choosing what they want.

  1. Clean your house.

Patricia Mineault recommends literally clearing out your house once a year and getting rid of half your stuff that makes your house a dumping store. You will end up buying more stuff but you will still have less stuff on an average. Consequently,this would make you feel surprised that how little stuff you require. Quora user Autumn Knudson assess that you should focus on buying only the highest quality essentials. “Do this so that you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing these things,” Knudson says. The less time spent changing  worn-out clothes and furniture, the more time you have to devote to other more significant tasks.

  1. Decide what you truly need.

People easily get caught up in things that they want and blindly decide about the things that they cant live without.But the real truth is, people only need a few necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. “The more we desire for other things, the less we desire ourselves says a user.  “People end up being ‘owned’ by all their acquisitions.” Don’t let spacious homes, luxury cars, or designer clothing get in the way of more meaningful things, like finding your purpose and developing deeper relationships.

  1. Ride your bicycle.

Simplifying your modes of  transportation and communication automatically streamlines various  other aspects of your life. “You’ll save a lot as you can cut down on gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance costs.  The best part is that you wont even need a gym membership as the bicycle will give you a free work out.” Some other user suggests of selling your car altogether. “Put your transportation dollars into carpooling, public transportation, and taxis,and you will have money left over,” he writes. “Use transportation time to read or nap or work on puzzles for entertainment.”

  1. Take a break from your phone.

Our phone eats up most of the valuable ours of our life when we are mostly engaged in checking email, answering texts, and beating the next level of Candy Crush and can cause unnecessary stress. It might not be viable to ditch your phone for good, but leaving it behind during times when you know you won’t need it, can add cherished and one of the most remember-able moments of simplicity to your life that you surely will not regret later.

  1. Get organized.

To keep your mind calm and composed, you need to make your workplace free of clutter and messiness. Christopher Chen elaborates that “by organizing and keeping neat, you’ll make finding a book, paper, or folder much easier, and this will save time. No matter how cliche this may sound, keeping a neat workspace will also remove the clutter that exists in your own mind, and make it easier to focus.”

Another room to cut down extra clutter around your desk can be like  paying  bills online and signing  up for a paperless bank account. “You will then have very little ‘real’ mail. Just toss the rest of the big money in the scum,” Quora user, Steve Coffman says.

  1. Delight in the little things.

It is constantly advised that taking time to treasure the small bits in life rather than rushing from one action to the next, makes your life a lot more comfortable.  Bigger things can be covered up in life, if we just start doing some of these things without giving them a second thought such as to  “Watch a sunset, listen to children laugh, pay for the coffee of the person behind you, smile at a stranger, turn the music up, listen more, call your mom and tell her you love her, drink more water, really enjoy a bright, shiny, crisp, red delicious apple, and always leave everything better than you find it.”

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