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Set Your Resolutions As Passwords To Change Your Life

Set Your Resolutions As Passwords To Change Your Life

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I was pretty depressed and tense, because for last few weeks I faced a number of unexpected and unsolicited things. My wife and I had parted ways, and we both had our own way to go on. I said, many times in a day, to myself, “Why did she do this to me?”

When everything had gradients, back in 2011, iOS icons were pretty fine and made sense, people used deodorants; things were turning out to be bad for me and I landed into deep depression due to my divorce.

Luckily, I was smart enough and had a group of finest people around me, which had helped me to get my way out of it. It was the worst time of my life.

One day, I entered the office. Usually, my day started at my computer screen, and it was so. When I opened my computer, I found a message on my computer screen:  “your password has expired.”  “Click, Change password, to change your password.”

“Oh shit, is it good time to change it?” I questioned myself. I clicked thinking something else.

Actually, I knew that Microsoft Exchange server was configured in my company, to ask all its users across the world to change its password every 30 days.

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Here, the compulsion is that the server demands us to use at least one uppercase character, at least one lowercase alphabetic character, at least one symbol and at least one numerical; and the whole password requires at least eight characters to be created. According to server’s configurations, I couldn’t use any of the password that I had used in last three months.

It was Monday, 9:20 a.m., I was little high tempered that morning. The day was fine, but my torso was wet of sweat owing to some stress of some pending overwork. I hurried to work but I realised as if I forgot to put off my helmet, and it was still on my head. Perhaps, I forgot to have breakfast before leaving for office; but I realised that something tasted as cigarette in my mouth. Anyway, I thought that I needed to change my password before going to the meeting at 10 a.m.

I just clicked to change the password, and there was an input field with pulsating cursor that was waiting for me to type a new password that would grant me access to log on my computer so many times for next 30 days.

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I just let all frustration go, and I recalled a tip that I heard from my former boss. He said that he was going to use a password to change his life. I was determined not to focus on things that landed me in this condition; I just needed to get off from all these things in order to make my upcoming life better and controlled.

I asked to myself what would be my password?

I typed “Forgive@Her”

My password became the indicator and reminded me that I shouldn’t not let myself become a victim of my immediate divorce; because I was tough enough to do something about it.

After this, I typed this (e.g. password) lot of times a day; each time my computer would lock and my screensaver appear with her photo and I would come back after having lunch alone.

This consistency of repeating the password made me realise that I should change my point of view about my ex-wife; she was not alone responsible for all the things that happened in my life. I too made many mistakes and contributed to the cause of my divorce. This simple action changed my vision of her and myself; neither she nor I are guilty for all this, actually, it had to be someday.  Now I was feeling well and looking for some beautiful change.

Next month, I change this password into ‘Quit@smoking4ever’. This trick also bought pretty change in my life, and I quit smoking forever.

Next to that month, I changed my password again and typed ‘Save4trip@japan’. And four months later, I visited Japan with the help my savings.

I thanked my password, because it taught me how to change my life. I kept it on, my resolutions became a constant source of my futures passwords and it bought some other lucky changes in my life. This is of my last month: Save4@ring, yep, yet again, I am in a relation with someone else, my life is turning to good luck. But it is not over, I am still looking for another fabulous password that would bring some more good in my life, and I will keep it up.

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