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A More Connected World: How The Cloud Is Boosting Global Travel And Trade

A More Connected World: How The Cloud Is Boosting Global Travel And Trade

Cloud Is Boosting Global Travel and Trade

E-commerce is among the most important technological arenas in present world, especially while buying and selling goods online, people expect that when they buy something online today, they should get the delivery tomorrow. If we go few years back this kind of service could not be even imagined in contrast to today where it has become everyone’s requirement. Due to this, pressure is on the online companies for delivering the goods through the fastest and most possible efficient modes. With the growing global inter connectedness, business, personal lives and expectations are at its peak. To meet the customer needs companies can opt for new alternatives like transporting through cloud.

In the latest report by World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group, four innovative measures were introduced for checking the improvement of travel, trade and tourism by 2025:

  1. An Automated Smart Visa System having the capability of high level of security and traveller privacy can ease international travel and improve travel and trade.
  1. Another innovation which can bring huge improvement in travel and trade is strengthening urban traffic management with the application of real-time data and analytic processing to steer or redirect traffic. Thus, introducing smart-parking capabilities for handling public-transportation capacity, and managing congestion and traffic emergencies using dynamic tolling and access restrictions.
  1. Managing travel planning in such a way so as to understand the specific customer needs and requirement, through an inter modal optimization interface, or planes, trains and automobiles app that can monitor customer’s tours, travel plans, track cancellations and delays, and list possible alternatives.
  1. Efficient management of logistics in order to facilitate goods to flow more easily throughout the world is also method. A logistics optimizer with the capability of ensuring goods to flow more speedily, at a lesser cost. More reliably, the earlier modes available in order to manage and simplify cumbersome logistics and customs processes are also needed.

With the application of advanced cloud and other latest technology including mobile and analytic, it is possible to improve trade and tourism, create many more jobs in tourism industry, increase the global trade volume and decrease the time taken to trade.

In order to manage the customers efficiently, airline companies, tour and travel operators, international transport logistic companies, and other firms in the travel and transportation are resorting to Information Technology. With the application of IT and technology, the companies can stay in competition while living up to the expectations of the people at the same time.

French charter passenger airline and air freight carrier, Europe Airport was able to bring down its usage of server by 66%. It also lowered the energy and cooling requirements because of the application of Information Technology in its project of transporting cargo for the national postal service and newspapers. It resorted to private cloud station IBM servers and storage.  This thing helped the company to bring down the response time by up to 33%, improvising cost efficiency at the same time.

Another example where application of Information Technology in travel area led to efficiency is of Militzer & Munch Group. Due to adoption of data software, server solutions and cloud applications, the company was able to manage its loads of business like tracking all the shipments and managing the costs and profitability.

Australia Based Yarra Trams has led to improvements in its day to day functioning by using the data, generated through the installed software.

With all these examples it is quite clear that application of IT, cloud, mobile and analytic in travel and trade can lead to lot many improvements in this travel industry, that too by reducing the costs and reducing the time taken to perform the operations.

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