Ace An Interview And Land Your Dream Job – Smart Answers To Tough Questions

Ace An Interview And Land Your Dream Job – Smart Answers To Tough Questions
Ace an Interview and land your Dream Job - Smart Answers to Tough Questions

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  1. Where do you find your weakness? How is that actually your weakness and not areas for improvement?

A: I am a petulant person. I expect my employees to prove themselves at every stage. Failing to do so, I tend to start doing everything myself. I start the Maverick way rather than delegating. Thus, I make sure that my employees are well versed with my working style.

  1. Are you that crab in a bucket that pulls other down to move up in life?

A: Maybe in about 20 years, but by then, I suspect you’ll have pulled down quite a few. You would be running the entire company, and I’ll make a good, loyal subordinate to help you take the company to greater heights and manage this department.

  1. If you knew that things weren’t suitable in the previous company for the employees, why didn’t you simply leave to prevent yourself from firing?

A: I was indulged in the project that was seeing the maximum firings and removals. The project required a lot of efforts, and I couldn’t please my heart to run away just because I could be the next one being fired. Emotional attachment, loyalty and the willingness to give my best shot to save the project being shut down were the sole reasons that made me stick.

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  1. You run a company that produces X, and the consumers were resenting it, how would you strategize a better future for the product?

A: New markets always pose as a rebirth of the failed products. Also, at the same time, I’ll spur the engineers to change the product to make it more marketable to our core audience.

  1. From your resume, it looks like you were fired from your previous jobs. How do you feel and what have you learnt?

A: After recuperating from the peculiar, I realised that what hinted as adverse was a learning experience in disguise. It is the experience from these previous failures that have made me learn the reality of life. Each time you’ll rub this apple, it’ll shine even more with each progress.

  1. We love women at this company, but our clients are Chinese whose ethical approach finds men better for such jobs?

A: Why is that, exactly? What about the competitive world? Aren’t qualifications prioritised over gender? I have my father as a diplomat. His obvious nature of the job made us hop from countries to continents. I would surely take less time, resources in getting settled than any other American man who has been born and brought up in The USA at every stage.

  1. Can you describe your dream job?

A: I find this as my dream job which made me apply in the first place without even thinking about the SWOT. I am a natural hard worker who can assure you those vows of making your promotion agency work hard and fine tune your loyalty programs.

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  1. Why did you take such breaks in your career and why do you want to pace up now?

A: Life offers itself as a deep ocean and so does entrepreneurship. I started to innovate, ideate and evaluate my ideas. Realising my keen interest in the corporates, pressure and lack of finances, I decided to settle down for jobs only.

  1. What if the credit of your work is taken by anyone else, like your senior manager? How would you handle the situation?

A: Reversal of emotions is one avenue that is yet to see failure. I would myself start giving her more credit. Sometimes, following Gandhi can help you pave your way in this competitive world. If that doesn’t solve it, I will try to work on an agreement with him/her where we shall present the ideas that are our own to our bosses. If that doesn’t work, I shall openly discuss or confront this problematic situation. However, if the person taking credit for my ideas was my boss, I shall be less bothered. I believe that my job is to make my seniors and companies shine. Getting rewards for the hard work, ideas and my assiduous nature with raises and promotions, I would be happy. It solves my purpose of growth and prospects.

  1. How many hours do you usually devote to working and why so?

A: I like working for long hours when it comes to my job. With the extra time, it tends to “add my expertise” to my learning experience, my boss’s responsibility and my firm’s growth. When our clients go through our work, I want them to think the fact that no else company could have dug that deep. I want them to feel the efforts, sweat of hours and magic in it.

  1. “Jack of all Trades, Master of none.” Does a company even need mediocre, Jacks or B Players? Or is it only about The Top Players or Masters?

A: I believe that a company needs both Jacks and Masters. While pitching to the new companies or while being at the front end, The Top Players use their expertise and thus, become an asset of an organisation. However, behind every Top Player, there ought to be quite a few B Players who work hard so as to prepare that pitch. A company can never succeed with only Jacks or Masters. “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

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