The amazing Amazon Prime Day hack for all

The amazing Amazon Prime Day hack for all
amazon prime day

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Whether consumers are too tired of waiting for the Black Friday to arrive, or just too frustrated with the whole rush of annual sales, Amazon has pitched a new shopping holiday for their loyal fans- The Amazon Prime Day. Claiming to feature a lot more fabulous discounts on amazing products, the objective of this initiative of the e-commerce giant is not just innovation and creation of greater loyalty base, but also aimed at providing the best shopping experience in the e-retail sector.

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Being a flash sale, one is naturally anxious about how to take best advantage of the deals offered. Here is a shopper’s guide to help you make the best out it:

  • Do you need a Prime membership?

A big catch of this bonanza day is the prime membership you need to have, that comes at $99 per year. As much as the offer may look tempting and worthy of shelling out some cash for if you don’t have the prime membership already, evaluate whether the membership is going to be of any use in the longer run- do you purchase a lot of things online? Do you need your shopping to be shipped quickly?  Are you going to access the kindle library?

But, if you already are a member…

  • Focus on the star deals

Akin to Black Friday, some of the best items in the store are considerably marked down, so make a move to profit from those unbeatable deals. Some of the best deals feature electronics, decor, etc. A lot of savings can be made from these offers and it might be the perfect moment to grab some stuff that you have been eyeing for some time which has been comfortably marked down.

  • No rush, no foul

There is no reason to rush to make any purchase. One-day sales can pressurise you into making purchases you don’t really need- long term regrets resulting from short term missteps. If the sales overwhelm you, step away from your device and muse whether you actually need to make that purchase. Don’t let extravagance get the better of you.

  • Stick to your listing

Make a list. Stick to it. It is easy to feel gleeful like a kid in a candy shop with an all access ticket on sale-day, but stick to what you actually need to purchase and avoid what you don’t need, no matter how lucrative the deal might seem. (You don’t need an e-book reader when you have a tablet, right?) Before purchasing ask yourself, will it be of any actual use to you?

  • Time counts too. Time is money

Amazon Prime Day falls on a weekday, what are the odds. Are you going to call in sick at work? Not very ideal an option. Your work, where you earn your money to spend, matters as much if not more than the places you spend that money on. So, don’t let sale-day hamper your productivity. If at work, keep some time allotted for checking coupons whenever possible.

  • Go beyond Amazon

In all probabilities, other sites like Wal-mart may also be giving out great deals to compete abreast with Amazon offers. So, do keep an eye on them because what you may not be getting at that good a deal on Amazon maybe available at better prices elsewhere online. Amazon maybe claiming to be your Santa, but you have to be more practical with your money than be a loyal customer, right?

  • Don’t snowball and crash with your shopping cart

We love indulging in something commonly called a spree, shopping sprees. Studies at Stanford confirm this psychological phenomenon of ‘snowballing’ once you start shopping at a place. You may feel like in the right groove of things but in all possibility you might be piling up stuff you don’t require at all. Take a break; rethink your purchase choices before you decide to pay for them. It is not desirable to be grabbing stuff off shelves just because they are at great prices.

  • Keep your biggest goals in mind

It’s easy to be distracted by shiny stuff on savoury sale prices, creating illusions that you most absolutely do need them. New duvets and headphones may not be the need of the hour. You might be saving money for a bigger purchase or a vacation or pay off already piling bills- you don’t want to add your frivolous spending to your money issues. Life goes beyond a sale-day, you choose your agenda. Not Amazon.

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Amazon’s sale is simply great, and you can make the most out of it only if you are wise and diligent about your purchases. Your relatives and friends may need presents, besides you deserve some pampering too. But money ought to be spent judiciously only on things with any real value.

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