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Amazon Delivering in Minion Boxes

Amazon Delivering in Minion Boxes
amazon minion boxes

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Imagine this, you have ordered an item online; the delivery person came in. You pay the bill and expect to be handed a brown formal cardboard box; but wow! The person gives you a funky-looking yellow box. Well, don’t be surprised! It is going to be a highly probable incident if you gave the order in Amazon in the first place. Yes, the ‘most customer-centric site’ on the earth has decided to use the deliveries in advertising purpose too.

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping markets in the world. Now they have something new on offer for the customer. They have made a contract with the well-known animation franchise ‘Despicable Me’ to give advertisement of the upcoming movie ‘Minions’. Now, ‘Minions’ is the prequel of those two despicable movies.

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The trend has been started for a few weeks now. The products are being presented within a minion’s themed yellow box. The main three characters of the movie have been chosen as the face of the promotion as they appear in their natural cool looks on the cover of the boxes. The box is also telling the customers the date of the release of the movie and a site of the customized Amazon website in the context.

Why this move?

Today is the era of digitization. And online shopping is one of the fastest trending species of it. Nowadays, most of the people with an internet connection feel more comfortable to order any things online rather than going to hunt for it from different shops. The availability of products from almost every areas and the new and attracting features have been the key to the successful venture of this online merchandise like Amazon and making it stronger than the previous day.

Now, as said in the superhero movies, ‘with power, comes responsibility’. In this context, the responsibility is going to be in keeping the customers satisfied. One of the analysts in this regard has mentioned the importance of this point. He also added one vital point that the feature of ‘free shipping’ turning into a constant demand of the customers. They now look for no delivery charge in each and every possible case.

But this is obvious that free shipping is not feasible in each regard in a normal scenario. But to make a move forward, they have chosen to apply a new strategy, and that’s it.

The revenue that it has received through the promotion has helped Amazon to consider the shipping cost in a large area. Specifically, they have concentrated in the growing regions where the customer base is going to be developed, and they hope this move will come in handy to attract and create it.

The other main reason would obviously be the competition. In this age of cutting-edge, if you play with the straight bat for a long time, there is enough possibility of being outplayed. Hence the improvisation of Amazon, which is expected to come in handy in case of being one step forward to the competitors.

Why Minion?

Now if you want to amaze your clients with some new feature, it is happened to be of great help if the customers do know the concept behind it a bit and can relate to it. Though many think that it is the debut of Amazon in advertising through delivering, the fact is that it has already been tried. They had started to deliver goods to the box customized with Assassins Creed’s theme back in 2012. But it was not a successful venture. Now it’s a common truth that most of us adore minions. Their characteristics and customized looks in various fields left us laughing. Hence, it is a more thoughtful move to go for. The synchronization between the Universal and Illumination Entertainment Enterprise and Amazon on this matter has also helped to evolve in this prospect.

Application and Reactions:

The trio of minions- Kevin, Bob and Stuart go to the doors of the customer separately printed on the covers. They also carry the release date of the movie with them.

Customers have given a mixed impression over this matter. But it is be observed that most of them are quite excited with this new theme. Many of them have posted photos of them with the boxes in social networking sites. Some of them have even expressed their delight by saying that they are going to make a collection of it.

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To conclude, it can be said that it is a smart and timely move from Amazon. If the recent trend goes on, they can make some real profit out of it in the long run.

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