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Amazon Wants To Help You Find A Handyman

Amazon Wants To Help You Find A Handyman

Amazon Wants To Help You Find A HandymanAmazon always tries to come with some new ideas. The e-commerce giant always ventures out for something new and eventually manages to come up with ideas which are customer friendly. After selling a ceiling fan, amazon wants to help its customers install it. For the execution of this idea amazon has decided to connect users with handymen like plumbers, electricians, etc. All of these come under new offering called amazon Local Services. Amazon shoppers from the cities of New York, Los Angeles and Seattle would be able to access this offer after purchasing products like a car stereo, air conditioner, etc. which requires installation. The core part i.e. The Amazon Local Services is a part of the complete Amazon effort to compete with the brick and mortar stores which still account for more than 90 percent of the retail sales.

After adding the respective tem to their shopping cart the customers will be able to see installation offers from A recent search for installation charges in the New York City yielded installation price options in the range of $99 to $120. The nest part is that each installation service came up with an option to fix the appointment. After completing all of these procedures the final cost was added to the bill. This idea and an initiative by amazon could also drive business to the local installers. According to Wall Street Journal, one electrician who signed for this service provided by the amazon pays amazon a fee. The e-commerce giant will offer a money back guarantee on its services and to bring out the efficiency to its maximum value will do any background checks on all of the service providers which are available on the site. According to sources the e-commerce giant is planning to increase the scope and horizons of its services by initiating a program to include fitness instructors, music teachers and much more. However, this service almost sounds similar to the one offered by a startup called It is a company founded by former Amazon employed Matt Williams. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has invested in the startup and it has raised $14 million total.

Amazon on one hand is increasing the total number of products which it can sell on one side and on the other side has been coming with several new ideas to improve the delivery system. Right from the beginning of this year Amazon has come up with some ideas and thereby it has tried to introduce the concept of revolutionary change in the sector of online shopping. Amazon has released a credit card reader in this year itself. Thus Amazon is completely focusing on bringing innovation in most of its services and up to a certain extent they have succeeded too. However it will face a lot off hurdles especially in this service because there are a lot of established players in the market which have their own way to keep customers happy. Some of the established players are Yelp Inc. and Craiglist as well as many startups like Thumbtack. In order to distinguish itself from rest of the existing companies Amazon has come up with the idea of money back guarantee. This scheme will be applicable on the services which are offered by the local contractors.

Kim Hopkins, the owner of Electric Connection in Los Angeles said he had been invited to participate in this program of Amazon less than a month ago. He believed that his electrical business came up in search only for a few days and if this is done properly then this could be a huge business. Amazon will display the reviews of the customers based on their experience with the professional team and will publish it on their website. They are planning to introduce profiles for different service providers and also some information related to them which would include the concept of scheduling, so that the customers can schedule their appointments according to their convenience

Thus Amazon has stepped in different field which aims to help its customers.

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