Amit Shah Vows To Saffronize J&K, Targets To ‘Install First BJP CM In J&K’

Amit Shah Vows To Saffronize J&K, Targets To ‘Install First BJP CM In J&K’

Amit Shah's Mission to saffronize J&KBJP’s president Amit Shah has recently revealed that his next target is to install a BJP Chief Minister in Jammu and Kashmir. He is working on this ambitious plan for which he has made a four-point plan.

Could anyone have imagined BJP would get majority on its own in Lok Sabha election? Well, this might be repeated in Jammu & Kashmir as well. Amit Shah has made a clear strategy to win over India’s most contentious state. “Mission 44+” is its J&K slogan for the 87-strong Assembly and BJP president Amit Shah has taken that goal as a dare.

There is one closest challenge to Amit Shah’s heart, apart from the rest: Mission Kashmir. Modi’s BJP has pitched its provincial ambitions at an unprecedented, with its new president personally supervising this ambition that was never attempted before, a master plan to install a Hindu chief minister in Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP leaders and RSS cadre are already working overtime to achieve this ambition, of having a Hindu elected as a chief minister in the most controversial state of India, which no thought could be possible.

Recently, a meeting was held to induct Moti Kaul, who is the president of All India Kashmiri Samaj into BJP. At that meeting Shah addressed leaders from the state and said, “I am not so concerned about other states where elections are being held as we are winning in those states in any case. I want you to devote all your energy on winning Jammu and Kashmir. Imagine the message that would go around the world, if we succeed in installing a BJP leader as the democratically elected CM of Jammu and Kashmir.” He clearly shared his aim for saffronizing Jammu and Kashmir.

Having an ambition is not enough. A clear strategy is a pre requisite before you proceed on to achieve it. As Shah has been working on his aim to succeed in his Mission Kashmir, he has laid down four pronged strategy to achieve it.

Shah’s Four-Pronged Mission Kashmir:

  1. Consolidating Lok Sabha Gains: Shah aims to ensure BJP wins as many as possible of the 41 seats of Jammu and Ladakh region, to emerge as the single largest party with substantial number of seats in 88-seat Assembly. BJP is not relying on Jammu and Ladakh region, Shah aspires to target Kashmir Valley to gain more seats.
  2. Enrolment campaign of Kashmiri pundits: The rationale behind this strategy to enrol pundits as explained by Moti Kaul is that out of 4,00,000 (approx) eligible Kashmiri pundits voters, only 1,26,000 are registered voters. Thus to make a significant progress, it is important to register the rest of the eligible voters.
  3. Breaking away disgruntled leaders: To include all the prominent leaders who are not unhappy in their parties. This strategy of giving tickets to prominent rebels worked well in the Lok Sabha elections. Shah is hoping that each of the new recruit can deliver a seat each in their pocket of influence.
  4. Tying up with regional players: BJP is looking at forging different kinds of tactical understanding with some of the smaller players in the state to boost up its post poll position.

This winter will witness a lot of political heat being generated in Jammu and Kashmir, regardless of whether BJP succeeds in its mission or not!

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