Android M is Worth the Wait !

Android M is Worth the Wait !
android m worth a wait

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Just as how Google had introduced Android 5.0 as ‘Android L’ till its actual launch last year, it has again pursued a somewhat similar strategy while  code naming the Android 6.0 as ‘Android M’. Both the versions have a lot of differences. The’ M’ version would target predominantly the effectiveness of speed and battery life. First and foremost, the most exquisite feature of the M is that it has enhanced the role that is played by Google Now.

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Now the contextual responses from the data of the third-party apps can be accomplished through a combination of these apps. This work is processed by the ‘Now on Tap’, which also has a shortcut by long pressing the home button.

Another fantastic service offered by the Google Company was the ‘Android Pay’. Since this particular app works on the principle of NFC (Near Field Communication), one only has to put the phone against any touch pay equipped terminal. A digital receipt would fall by on the completion of the transaction. The Android ‘M’ would have the Android Pay app with the option to pay for apps in Google Play or make purchases within third party apps. One of the best features of the Pay is that it would work with any merchant using contact less terminals and Visa. There are companies already preparing apps like Lift, Grubhub, Target, etc.

As far as safety measures are concerned, the users’ details shall not be at stake since a virtual account number would be created on every transaction. Another considerable advancement in the arena of security is the Biometric fingerprint support through which transactions can be certified by fingerprint verification. Data can now be transferred very briskly from one device to another; one device’s charge can too be transferred onto a non charged device; also clear audio can be sent to another device. All this and many is possible through the Android M USB 3.1 Type C which supports up to 100W of power.

Also the battery life is properly controlled with the ‘doze’ that carves out the background app and data demands; still the messages, alarms and alerts can be received by the user. While on standby, this ‘Doze’ on Android M doubles the capacity of the battery. ‘Project Brillo’ is another podium of Operating System that will be supported by the Android M. The preview of the project would be launched in Q3 with a Q1 2016 release.

Apart from these developments, the other growths in this sector include the Improved App Permissions which would ask permission from the users before any changes. To not disturb the users through continuous questioning of which app to use or not, the API would allow apps to be verified only once when the user would permit certain apps to open in particular links; he or she would not be bothered again.

For the convenience of the users, easy world selection and floating tool-bars for instructions like cut, copy and paste would be made available. Through direct links to frequent contacts in the share option, the users can get a faster access to the frequent contacts. Separate apps can be monitored separately with the Android M; the volume can be regulated for specific apps as per the wish of the users whilst no changes in the volumes of other apps. Another good progress is the Offline support offered by Google through the Android One range; Offline YouTube videos, Offline Google Maps; Android would soon have this Offline Support on Chrome.

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Developer editions of Android M have been released by Google. Since they are not complete and are affected by bugs, one must watch out. With the services that the Android 6.0 is provided, it seems a potential challenger to the other phones. The release date of Android M has been delayed and now stands at November 2015 with the developers version in 3rd preview sometime in the August end as widely speculated by the developers community.

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