Barbara Corcoran Makes A Come Back

Barbara Corcoran Makes A Come Back
Barbara Corcoran: The Making Of A Real Estate Mogul

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Thinking back to all these amazing, successful entrepreneurial stories, one that sticks with most people is the story of Barbara Corcoran. She was one of those amazing, ruthless women who rose at a time when women barely worked in companies, let alone start one. So what was the story behind this woman? We know that she was a real estate mogul and that she was someone who had a rags-to-riches story, and, when you think about it, she has the perfect story to make a movie. So now, looking back to her life, one has to look at what made this small town waitress an industrial tycoon.

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In 1973, after working a large number of odd jobs and settling as a waitress, Corcoran decided to take $1000 from her boyfriend, Ramon Simone and start a real-estate business with the two of them working as partners. That was the start of the Corcoran-Simone partnership, and they started off with a few successful sells. Of course, post earning money, after she went to celebrate with her new expensive clothes, she was mistaken for a prostitute (because clearly a successful woman with good clothes definitely has to be a prostitute right?). Well, that was the turning point in her life because that was a point in time when she realized that she would have to bring her up to that level.

However, there was a breakup in 1977 when her partner said that he would be marrying her assistant. Naturally she broke off the partnership, threw him out, and recruited a famous real-estate agent by the name of Esther Kaplan. That was quite a smart move on Corcoran’s part considering that Kaplan had stayed at the firm for 24 year past that (Which, if you think about it, is an exceptionally long time for a partnership to be held considering that Corcoran was relatively new to the business).

Post this, she meets Donald Trump, the American business magnate and signs a contract with him eight years later. Post his signature on that contract, lawsuits spanning ten years surround him, after which, he had to give in and pay her $2.7 million. That was one of her big achievements within that year.

Unfortunately for Corcoran; just days after she signs for a beautiful office building with her agents; the real-estate market crashes. What was even more unfortunate was that she had to mortgage and sell her houses, and even *groan* had to start teaching real estate courses just to keep her company alive. This was probably the point of time when she hit rock bottom, but what was extremely brave of her was that she put her big house and sell her one-bedroom studio apartment, however, she didn’t actually let off any of her agents.

When Madonna got pregnant in 1996, many people around the world were super excited. Corcoran was one of them. She may have taken this excitement too far when she published her ideas for what that pregnant beauty would want in an apartment. What was weirdly lucky for her was that, despite Madonna never being a client, she became the so-called ‘broker for the stars’ as Richard Gere, Julie Andrews, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Katherine Hepburn became a part of her clientele. Essentially, though she just started off as a real-estate broker for random people, she became a star within the star itself.

Post the stock-market crash, it just seemed to go uphill for Corcoran, especially when she sold her company for a whopping $66 million – right before 9/11 after which the market just spiraled downhill. That proved to Corcoran that despite her bad luck when the market crashed previously, this was just the cherry on top of the cake that brought her luck back.

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Finally, she showed up again in people’s lives when she joined ABC’s Shark Tank. She was one of the six people that were in the first season. Her first investment was an elephant-shaped-talking-medicine-dispenser for kids. Now those sell in a crazy amount of numbers. And now, six seasons later, she’s back on top being the badass that we all know she is. Barbara Corcoran, she is truly a remarkable woman.

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