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The Basic Art of Digital Marketing

The Basic Art of Digital Marketing
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If you ask any market expert you will know the intensity of the marketing war that has been going on in the professional world. Every company has been hunting for charming people who can make people go crazy over their products just by the art talking. However, with the advent of social media and the exponentially growing expanses of the internet, digital marketing is starting to take off just right. There is one slight problem though.

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It is common and normal to believe that the rules of digital marketing will be different and one would require a lot more than super cool convincing skills to sell a product. Well, you cannot blame people for thinking so. After all, you cannot perceive people’s response and can’t modulate your strategy quickly when you are away from the consumer. However, if some basics of marketing are followed, the answer to these apprehensions is nay !

The goal of marketing is very basic and steady: ‘Appeal to the consumers (or clients if you prefer).’ It’s no denying that it is different than marketing at the personal level but if technology is properly used marketing can be just as efficient as it has always been. Following are some key points to remember while going for digital marketing.

The Human Element

Marketing is concentrated around reaching out to fellow humans. You need to understand the fact that it’s not large traffic that you are targeting. Instead, you are targeting another human at the other end of the social media connection. This is of utmost importance. If you lay out your strategies working along this line, success will be easy.

The Habit of Good Listening

The old age adage ‘One should be a good listener’ is one of the most indelible sayings in the field of marketing. You cannot expect a person to fall in love with your ideas unless you know how to communicate. And the first step to communication is good or active listening. Active listening helps in establishing a long term relationship with the consumers whom you want to keep coming back for your products.

A great habit that has always been successful with marketers is a follow-up conversation to know the review of customer. It helps in analysis of areas where product is weak and also ensures the knowledge of the extent to which the customer is satisfied. The same can be followed on social media. Ask people what they are looking for. Get them to comment on a new product idea and consider their inputs. It is a kind of positive networking that is sure to reap fruits. 

your brand a podium to speak

Once you realize what your consumers or clients are looking for, you can start working on the various fields to market the idea. It like giving your product a showcasing in front of the world. You need the positive aspects of your product to reach far and wide. At the same time you don’t want to oversell or undersell the idea. So you need to be careful while marketing the idea through various social platforms.

Make use of all forms of media

Now that your product is out in the market use all forms of media to gather attention and audience. Attractive TV commercials and advertisements in print media are the classic one. Apart from these, you can make advertisements available on internet. You can get a website made and sell the idea through social media site. The more the reach of your product, the better its chances of doing well in the market.

Hold on to the brand integrity

Brand integrity is something which when not taken care of can ruin even the best of products. Brand integrity is what your brand is all about. It’s about the unique value that your brand represents. Ask yourself some questions? How do you want consumers to look at your brand? What is the message that you want your product to spread in the market? Hold on to that message and stay consistent with it. If a wrong message spreads in the beginning, stay cautious to modulate it soon.

Let Consumers Know the Faces

Again, this is about the human element. In addition to interacting with your company, consumers and clients interact with you. In fact they want to interact with you more on the personal level. It’s basic human nature. An artificial organism such as a giant company can be intimidating or just mundane just because it is virtual when it comes to life. However, when customers know the people involved in bringing the product to them it sparks off positive vibes of confidence and security. Part of what made Steve Jobs a genius was this very fact. His influence in the field of marketing is as poignant as in the area of innovation. The amount of love and respect he garnered from the public also helped in making Apple what it is today. So give your company faces. Let people know who they are getting involved with indirectly.

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Goes without saying that the consumers or clients won’t be interacting with those faces at the personal level. But the idea of it is so assuring that your product will gain more confidence in the market. The technique is beneficial for both small and giant firms.

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