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Best industries for energetic people: Finding the right place.

Best industries for energetic people: Finding the right place.

youth-570881_960_720Those who jump eagerly out of bed every morning and require nothing more than a glass of orange juice and bowl of cereal to set them up for the day are unlikely to be later found slumped at their desk counting down the minutes until they can go home.

If you’re highly energetic and can’t stand the thought of remaining stationary at work all day, finding the right place to apply your trade can be tricky. You need to be stimulated, have reason to remain mobile and end the day with aching limbs and an equally tired brain.

In this post, we’ve picked out five of the best industries for energetic people. We’ll help you find the right place.

1. Sports

If you favour a jog around the local park over a night in front of the TV, a role in the sports industry could be for you. And if there’s any sector that’s likely to quench the thirst of the energetic, it’s sport.

You don’t have to be a sportsperson, either; physiotherapy, coaching and even media coverage are examples of roles in this sector that will keep you on your feet.

2. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is known for being somewhat brutal, but if you can find a niche within which you can unleash your energy and creative flair, the pressures of the job will become a driving factor in your career progression.

Just like sport, entertainment spans so many different disciplines, whether it be stage performance, management or production. However, no matter where you place yourself within this particular industry, you’re guaranteed dynamic working days and nights that drain you of energy – in a good way.

3. Manufacturing

One of the oldest and most revered sectors on the planet, manufacturing is the ideal place of work for people who like to get their hands dirty.

Despite the battering it often receives in the press, the manufacturing industry remains a key driver of the world economy with the UK sector alone employing close to three million people. Whether you’re on the shop floor operating machinery or in charge of an entire team, manufacturing requires stamina, grit and determination – perfect for the energetic amongst us.

4. Marketing

If there’s one industry that appears to stick out like a sore thumb in this list, it’s marketing. Surely, marketing is entirely desk-bound and therefore the antithesis of what an energetic person looks for in a career?

Not so. While marketing may be traditionally an office-based endeavour, modern marketers engage in an incredibly wide range of tasks. From the latest content marketing strategies to the more traditional stuff, marketing may not test your fitness levels, but it will put your brain and creative juices to the ultimate test.

Few marketers in the modern world work regular nine-to-fives, nor are they that inclined to switch off unless they’re on holiday. And that makes this an ideal industry for anyone with bundles of energy.

5. Tourism

If the four industries above don’t quite float your boat, it’s time to turn to one of the biggest sectors of all – tourism. From hotel work to travel management, tourism offers a simply colossal number of opportunities for energetic people.

If the thought of a regular Monday to Friday job sat in a beige office depresses you, working in an industry that is focused on making people happy by delivering adventure and exploration could be the ideal tonic.

Wrap up

If you’re an energetic person looking to make a career move, we hope the above has given you some inspiration. Every industry we’ve picked offers new experiences around every corner and you’ll be sure to end each day (or night) depleted of energy.

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