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Look at the Big Picture and Act

Look at the Big Picture and Act
look at the big picture and act

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It is same with all of us. We all do this whenever we start something new. Its how life works. You own a dream, strive hard for making it true and then you encounter a persuasive shortcut. The world around you is busy is taunting for you are not getting the intended results, and finally you fall in the state of dilemma. With the foundation of Be Tweet, I promised myself to remain true to my vision.

When such situation surfaces, you should ask the following questions from yourself – What am I ready to lose? Will the shortcut change me? Will I welcome the change or dislike it?

The answers to the above questions will allow you to take decisions that define you.

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Currently, I am reading Ryan Holiday’s “Trust Me, I’m Lying” and it is probably the last book I am reading. This book depicts the media’s underbelly: how assembled “news” makes its way to big publications after starting from small blogs. Ryan Holiday is a friend to some people whereas some others see him as a marketing genius. Well, morals aside, this book is full of invaluable insights.

I opt for not manipulating anyone. I know the fact that there is always a way to succeed without giving up what you do not want to. I strongly believe that when you act for benefit at large, you surely get the rewards without any guilt. And anything that challenges this belief is dismissed. All else can be considered as a fair game.

Ryan Holiday reads hundreds of books each year without speed reading. He also re-reads and develops footnotes. He owns a lot that you can take away from him for your benefit. What I want to take away from his book, for example, is the information on how the “underbelly of media” functions. Another thing I find worth seizing from Ryan Holiday is his article on Fast Company – How to Growth Hack Anything. Many of you have already read this but if you have not, you must. It is awesome.

Here I do not encounter any guilt feel. There is nothing morally wrong with exploiting a contact on BitTorrent to bring immense traffic to your book resulting in making it a best-seller. It is not different from what I did for my previous project grim5next.

It’s good to have morals, and one should always try to abide by them but not at the cost of your venture. Selling itself involves a lot of debatable practices. This process involves convincing people to purchase something that they do not need; using many diverse channels to promote your business to the extents of irritation, and taking quick decisions that challenge your moral values. Moreover, when it comes to growth, taking the “right decision” is not easy.

Ryan latest blog announces his new project – The Obstacle Is the Way. The book is:

A guide is telling effective approaches to tackling obstacles we face in our lives and turning them into benefits. The book is steeped in philosophy and includes loads of examples from history explaining how the great names of history overcame incredible adversities by using principles. It becomes more helpful and valuable when you re-read it and use what’s there in it to practically deal with adversities you face in your life.

Ryan himself agrees with the fact that this book is a total departure from all his previous work. He says that you can consider it as inspirational.

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Ryan Holiday is known to have done some questionable things in his life, but he has revealed it in “Trust Me, I’m Lying”. And now it seems that he has realized he fact that only marketers get benefitted by manipulation and deception and no one else. It for sure does not prove to be beneficial for users or society at large. But this is also the reality that no person is one sided, and no company is either, which asks question:

How many times and for how many ideas, your morals became your limitation?

How much have you sacrificed yourself along the voyage to your dream?

I wish answers to above questions endow you with peace of mind and pride. After all, it’s what that matters the most.

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