Predictions Of Bill Gates – Advent Of Internet

Predictions Of Bill Gates – Advent Of Internet
Bill Gates Predicted Today's Technologies In 1999

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Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, had farsightedness regarding the technological innovation back in the year 1999. Those forecasts can still be used for big startups.

The year 1999 was the time when millions of websites were coming up. Google, for example, was newly launched and was just a month old. And due to the bubble bust was about to be closed in a year. It was the time when people arranged their travelling plans through telephone and used dial-up modems for connecting to the internet.

The same year Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, wrote a book named Business@ the Speed of Thought, which is of eminence now. It contained forecast about matters relating to the change of business world due to the internet, and all this predictions are found truly viable in 2015. Every argument cited in the book is well supported by relevant examples. All this arguments are valid in this fast paced era and thus validating the writings of Gates.

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Markus Kirjonen, a business student at Aalto University, Finland, wrote a post on his blog listing some of the great predictions of Gates such as :

  • It would be easier to find the cost effective product for all industries across multiple websites due to the development of automated price comparison services. This concept is like a zygote of modern day online shopping websites.
  • An electronic device will be invented which will be small and comfortable to carry around everywhere. Through it the people can steadily stay in touch with everyone and also do business. They will be able to check updated news, booked flight information, the status of the financial markets and many more things that would be possible through that device. This concept has taken a concrete shape and is the modern day cell phone which have even upgraded to smart phones, totally validating all the features cited by Bill Gates.
  • Also, live updated videos will be available at our home acknowledging us when someone visits us while we are not at home. This technology will become prevalent.
  • There will be private websites available for us, our families and friends, which will be common for all of us. And through this we can chat and plan for various events. A great concept is leading to the innovations like facebook, twitter, instagram and lot more. Now through all these the communication has become a lot easier between two poles of the earth.
  • We will get related advertisements due to our usual purchases. It will happen through a device that has smart advertising. Google does exactly that and all the e-tailers as well.

Gates said like electricity; internet will be the next indispensable thing in the life of humans. How electricity came first at our homes it was used to power light bulbs, but now many more things. Similarly internet will become a great commercial value with time. So, we can sum up the validity of this quote as we are entering in the 21st century, we are using the purpose of the internet in not merely in searching for contents. In fact, the whole world is so small in front of the extensive web of internet.

How others had already seen new opportunities to utilize the electricity that led to discoveries of refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions. Similarly, Gates saw the internet as an arable ground of new business ventures. The Snapdeals, Flipkarts and Amazons  of the world and lot more are now doing business globally via internet. Now we can buy anything online ranging from earphones to auto parts of BMW car. The internet has changed the total business scenario today not only the private sector companies are eyeing business growth through the internet, but the public sector companies are jumping into the arena. Even the some of the public sector company’s website are more user-friendly and thus attracting more customers. In short we can compile that the vision of Bill Gates is coming into action today.

The book mentioned above also features many Internet functions that can be used by startup companies for big opportunities in today’s world. A question was asked to Gates regarding what all companies haven’t yet undergone their full value in the pre –Y2K.

He showed four major categories that are in demand for progress in business: planning, customer service, training, and teamwork. If any company has got these four pillars of strength, then that company is bound to make greater achievements no matter in which field it is focusing.

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But he also says that the other three areas do not have great inputs. In other words, those are missing, and new startups should have their concentration in those areas. But at the end of the day all these four aspects are needed to become a successful organisation.

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