BJP Rejects Shiv Sena’s Offer, Might Break Ties If Deal Is Not Respectable; Amit Shah To Take A Call

BJP Rejects Shiv Sena’s Offer, Might Break Ties If Deal Is Not Respectable; Amit Shah To Take A Call

Amit Shah to take a call on BJP-Shiv Sena allianceOn Sunday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rejected Shiv Sena’s offer of 119 seats. This has clearly indicated that it might go it alone in the Maharashtra assembly elections. Moreover BJP has now said that it would break ties if the deal is not respectable.

The Mahayuti alliance is on the rocks. In a meeting, BJP Central Election Committee (CEC) made it very clear that the party can go it alone if Shiv Sena is adamant. Actually, the alliance has hit a roadblock over sharing of seats where BJP, on Sunday evening, rejected Shiv Sena’s 151-119 formula and was firm on contesting on 135 seats.

Whilst the CEC meeting was going on, party’s core group recommended to the party president Amit Shah that BJP should go it alone if Shiv Sena does not give “respectable” seats. Now the party has left the decision to PM Narendra Modi and Shah to decide on the alliance.

Previously, hours after Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray’s straight-forward talk in Mumbai on seat-sharing and that his party cannot give beyond 119 seats, this old alliance were told by BJP that it was the duty of both the parties to continue the tie-up and sort out issues instead of going through media.

BJP also termed Thackeray’s final offer of 119 seats as being “nothing new” as they were always been contesting at this number ever since the alliance came into existence.

Leaders of opposition in Maharashtra Assembly and Legislative Council Eknath Khadse and Vinod Tawde, reacted cautiously and said that here the party wants Sena to re-negotiate on such seats that they never won in the last 25 days, else chances are that they be given NCP-Congress alliance on a platter in the upcoming polls!

“There is nothing new in the latest Shiv Sena offer as BJP has been contesting 119 seats ever since the alliance came into being. We want the alliance to continue. It is the duty of both Shiv Sena and BJP to maintain the alliance.

Tawde told reporters in brief hurriedly convened press conference, “We have 25 year-old ties and seat-sharing issue can be sorted out mutually through face to face talks and not through media (TV).”

Khadse said, “Shiv Sena has been losing on 35 seats while we have been losing on 19. If these were to be re-allocated then we would all benefit instead of these seats going automatically to Congress-NCP alliance.”

He also said, “Many such seats had been lost by narrow margin in the previous elections. That was the thought and mindset behind the proposal for the 135 seats.”

Recently, the BJP leaders also said that they were ready to accept 130 seats, which are 5 seats down from its earlier demand.

However, Shiv Sena on Sunday made it clear that it will not be making any more concession for BJP and that it will only offer 119 out of total 288 seats in Maharashtra Assembly for next month’s polls. It also mentioned that it was “the final attempt” to break the logjam over seat sharing.

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