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Bob Parson, Founder of Shares Some Mantras To Be Successful

Bob Parson, Founder of Shares Some Mantras To Be Successful
Bob Parson, Founder of Shares Some Mantras To Be Successful

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In the INC 5000 Conference held in Arizona on October 26th 2014, Bob Parson, the founder of spoke about three main “mantras” for success in any business and life, in general.

Godaddy is a web hosting and Internet domain registrar website, which was established by bob in his phase of retirement.  Founded in 1997, Godaddy had 55 million domain names managed by it, making it the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2013. From a Marine Corps to an entrepreneur—Bob has travelled a long way in his life. In this conference, he shared about the key to success in life.

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“Find something you like and get involved with it”, He says as an important mantra for success in life. He further goes on saying, “This is something that I keep on doing till date”. He adds, “I am a big kid when I have to decide what I want to do in life”.

When thrown a question about the three important rules of success according to him, he laid out three “mantras” which he thought would help anyone to be successful in their lives.

These three tips according to Bob Parson are as follows:

  1. A day at a time

The first and foremost lesson according to Parson is taking a day at a time. The planning that we do should only encompass a day and not more than that. This will help us to focus all of energy getting things assigned for the day to be done. Getting a thing done at a time is easier than attending many matters at once. Giving all attention to the problem at a time helps to overcome it efficiently. Thus, Focusing on one problem at a time helps to overcome the problem –no matter how hard it is.

  1. Think the way you want it to be

“Think the way you want it to be”, Bob adds as a second lesson for success. We need to have a vision in our head about the outcomes of the effort we put into some work. Either it is life or career—one need to have a specific vision of what are the end results he/she want to achieve.  When the focus is set, and thoughts diverted for achieving goals, success is sure to make its way to one’s life.

When one goes tries to follow their dreams, they might encounter many obstacles on the way. There come many temptations when one wants to quit, owing to their circumstances or failures encountered on the way.

However, when one has a vision of the goal, it helps them to overcome the temptation to quit when they encounter obstacles. It also prompts an individual to never stop moving in life and to try new things that might eventually lead to success.

  1. Take the high road

The third and important lesson according to Bob Parson is always choosing to take a high road and never settling down for less. It is always important to stay out of the comfort zone if one wants to succeed. People have to take risks in their lives in order to learn and grow in lives. There is nothing unique and adventurous inside the comfort zone. Hence, people who want to achieve their goals must step out of their normal security sphere and must find their way to success.

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One should always be willing to make a fool out of himself/herself and let go of fear of what people might think of them because growth usually happens as a result of experience. Taking high roads makes an individual face their inner fears and hence, they can find the way on which they can overcome it. Out of comfort zone, people encounter failures, learn to adapt and accept changes and enjoy everything that comes on the way.

These three rules will help people to enjoy the work they are doing and be successful in life according to Bob Parson.

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