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Brian Beedham – Practising Communism

Brian Beedham – Practising Communism
Brian Beedham – Practising Communism

Image Source: The Economist

Communism took almost 25 years to finally come down in a country like America. It did collapse in 1989. Now, there were two names in the media that dominated “The Economist”- Norman Macrae, the Deputy Editor and Brian Beedham, the Foreign Editor. They were regarded as different because they did things differently. They had the most persistent and enduring marks that anyone could have left in this field. Macrae was an unconventional thinker, and he always had new ideas. He liked to break the already set notions of people and emerge out of those. On the other hand, Beedham, who always had a pipe in his hand, held the ideas that were already accepted by the society, and they were conventional.

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In the world that was only dominated by Communism, seeing it collapse and come down was what these people yearned for. It was yet to see the light of the day that could have only been possible with the strength that Americans had. They needed an undying spirit more than anything else. After everything, it was Brian who took on traversing the less treaded trail by supporting and defending the American policy, that too in the world where it was highly being revolted. Why he did that? For one, he had the conviction and the he loved his nation.

At school, he was more of a Leftish person when it came to Politics. But things changed for him after the Yorkshire post in The Economist. He got a scholarship along with an additional year to study Politics in the South and the West of the United States. He came up and shaped the way the society could think. He believed that problems could be solved at home which was due to his belief in liberty, and he had other ideas that were supported by his belief of individuality and democracy.

Brian was always eager and motivated to work for causes that motivated him. He came from a middle-class society, and it would have remained that way, but things changed when he decided to volunteer and raise his voice against the invasion of Egypt. He had a belief in this hopeless cause, and more was to come. Though being a Monarchist, he later developed intuitiveness and an intrigue for Direct Democracy.

Brian was one of the few people who didn’t shy away from exposing the real and the obvious facts of the society. He used a matter of fact things to state his points, and he always drew a comparison between different notions of the Soviet Union and the nationalist regime in South Africa. He believed that the colour of our skin should in no way be a factor to justify or judge anyone.

His command of words was impeccable and the reason for him being the Foreign Editor. He had voiced his opinions on many issues, some of which were highly debated and others that were not much talked about. The things that he argued on included nuclear weapons and he even supported Israel and talked about the domino theory.

Not only a foreign Editor but he had shown his skills of a sub-editor too. He turned the pieces of writing that came to his desk into something beautiful and great. He always made sure of the fact the incoherence that was seen in the papers didn’t reach the final version.

The open-mindedness and the contradictory nature of Brian gave him an edge over others, and he also deemed to be different when it came to interacting with people. He liked to have the best conversations with the people like Henry Jackson and Richard Perle.

He had friends or to be more apt, acquaintances in the embassy in the 1980s. Also, the one thing that he did not own was a television set. He was found listening to the American songs on his computer and not just any song but a civil war song. You will be surprised to see the way he handled his professional and personal space. No one ever intruded the latter. He was of a highly romantic nature, and he had great depth and yearned for human emotions like anyone else.

He also liked to write about Islam, and he did in a very sympathetic and emotional manner. Not only this specific religion but he also wrote about refugees who were very important as they were proving his point for him.

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He believed in what he put forward, and his contradicting or the unconventional ways were the ones that made people think and have their opinion. Not everyone is capable of raising questions, and the efficiency, and the love he had for his job are nothing short of inspiration. This pipe smoking journalist was one who stood out from the rest.

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