Changing Your Mind after Accepting a Job Offer

Changing Your Mind after Accepting a Job Offer
Changing Your Mind after Accepting a Job Offer

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We always wonder what sort of impact the decisions we make have on us. Decisions are essentially made every day. A lot of split second decisions affect us with great consequences at a later time. Some of the hardest decisions one has to make are decisions related to career. Since this is where your bread and butter come from, you are generally apprehensive of taking major decisions in your career that can have bad consequences later.

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One of the most common conundrums people face with their career is whether or not to work at an establishment after accepting a job offer. You might also wonder how ethical it is to refuse an offer despite your earlier acceptance, and the kind of impact it may have on your future career prospects.

It is impossible to stick around in a job you hate and try to be successful. You’ll always end up feeling like a dog that’s running behind a car with no hopes of driving it. For success you need that spark of passion. And for passion to spring forth you need to love or at least feel comfortable with what you’re doing.

The first thing to remember is that the corporate field is a jungle with a wildness of its own. While maintaining work ethic is extremely important, you also need to know where to draw a line. We often take up job offers with a lot of hope in the beginning. But slowly the facade of it being a good job that you can adjust to peels away and you begin to see the prickly reality of what it entails. This is when you get cold feet and you want to back out. And then you find yourself in a catch-twenty-two situation.

When it comes to career related decisions, don’t let your emotions trick you into basing your decisions on them. You need to be absolutely clear about why you might or might not want to continue with a job. If you’re considering quitting your job or refusing it because you had a falling out with a boss or a colleague, you need to first calm yourself down. You need to push yourself into a practical frame of mind where you can dissect the situation and analyze it. Only then can you even begin to consider a solution to the dilemma.

Before considering giving up you need to give the situation a try by working at it. This isn’t always going to give you the results you’re looking for but it sure will give you a chance to try and make things better for yourself. For instance if you feel  that a company or firm whose job offer you’ve just accepted is being overly pushy or not respecting your boundaries, then maybe you should lay a few ground rules down for them. This doesn’t mean you throw a fit with your boss or the person who is irking you. It just means that you can courteously but assertively tell them that certain things may   not be done in the way they need it to be done.

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Of course this means that you have to make adjustments as well. But you can let your boss know that you have some reservations when it comes to certain things. There is no reason why you should punish yourself by working at a job you dislike. It just serves to build up layers of resentment that further have a deep seated impact on your peace of mind. Remember, tolerating a job and the unreasonable demands that come from your boss don’t have to be atonement for the mistake of accepting them in the first place.

As a working professional it is important that you are happy with your job and you can tell people who you feel are taking advantage of you exactly where you draw a clear and visible line.

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