Clarion Call For Swachh Bharat, Modi To Wield A Broom On October 2

Clarion Call For Swachh Bharat, Modi To Wield A Broom On October 2

Modi to launch Mission Swachh Bharat on October 2Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an ironic start to his visit, gave a loud call for Swachh Bharat as soon as he touched down in Bangalore. This city has been battling a disgraceful garbage problem.

Modi addressed a crowd of 5,000 people on Tuesday evening at HAL airport. He said he would launch Mission Swachh Bharat on October 2 by wielding a broom.

In a first ever address in Karnataka after taking the charge of the country, he said, “I beg every citizen of the country to pledge 100 hours a year towards cleanliness. This work cannot be done alone by the PM, CMs or ministers. Every citizen of the nation has to pledge to keep the country clean.”

The number of attendants at the airport was restricted; police permitting only 5,000 persons at the BJP’s civic reception.

Modi in reply to the felicitation said, “We crib about our cities not being clean, compared with Singapore, Dubai and London. If everyone takes a pledge not to dirty out cities, no one can come here and litter them.” Modi also interacted with the crowd, seeking a response from them he asked if they would pledge 100 hours a year for the drive. The crowd also responded with a loud chant, “Yes, we will!”

Modi did not stop at this. He further chose to give an example to drive home his point. The PM said families start cleaning the house around Diwali every year. He maintained, “Why cannot this approach be adopted and extended to keeping localities clean? We clean our houses before guests come. Similarly, the country should be clean to welcome guests. India is changing and this should be our priority.”

As September 25 is the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, who is the stalwart of the erstwhile Jan Sangh, Modi said he had been a “source of inspiration for all of us” and hence decided to launch the campaign from September 25 to October 2.

Modi termed the nation a jungle of laws and said many legislations were obsolete and redundant, thus would be scrapped shortly.

He added, “If the government has to move fast and go in the right direction, even laws and acts have to be cleaned up. A special committee has been formed to identify these laws and soon they will be scrapped.”

Some of the laws that may be scrapped include Foreign Jurisdiction Act, Sugar Undertaking Act and Indian Fisheries Act. In fact at least 32 include the various amendment laws that have no relevance anymore as they are already part of the principal bill. PM said, “These outdates laws, instead of serving the process of governance, are leading to avoidable confusion.”

He also said, “People are wondering whether the new government should be doing this (cleaning) work, but you will be surprised that I’m forced to do it.”

Whilst observing that previous government took pride in making laws, the PM said, “We made laws but I’ve decided to end all those laws which are of no use. We have 5-10 laws on a single issue, laws which are over 100-150 years old and people interprets them the way they want and hence stop work. There should be a direction to work and quickness to it.”

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